BMW 745e M-Sport - $565/Month $2500DAS

Dealer requested me to delete info. Sorry LH community


Awesome deal. They’ve priced those E’s to move. Great snag!

Damn. Driving a $100k car for $600/mo? Yeah, I’d say that’s a unicorn-worthy. And a genuinely fantastic car.


Good usage of incentives and great preincentive discount.

Did you consider MSD at all?

At this payment he could swap on SAL with no issues. It’s a great deal and having 4k in deposits on SAL is rough.


OL and PenFed? :thinking:

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Yup, was not going to put MSDs down since deal was good enough. Most people on SAL don’t get approved anyways. I had 8 ppl apply for my wife’s C43 and only 2 were approved.

You’re pre incentive after dealer flagship cash is still pretty good, I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it.


Didn’t think they stack but :man_shrugging: Dealer will eat it or…?

But congrats OP! Nice deal :slight_smile:

I’m sure I had more room to beat them up but probably did eat it

OL and Penfed stack…

It’s just making the dealer give you the full $1k on the OL. Most will only go halfsies as $500 is dealer contribution…

Can you share dealer info if possible

Same here. I tried so hard to get rid of my C43 lease, but MB makes the process super hard. I had my friend with perfect credit and a high paying job who wanted to the car, but he also got denied. However, he went the same afternoon and leased a new C43 from a dealer no problem. Very disappointed with MB as a whole, but luckily got a great price for it from Vroom and got rid of it.

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Yeah my buyout with vroom was $10K upside down lol. Sold it to a friend and $1500 incentive and gave him new set of tires


Congratulations on your unicorn find. Please share the dealership info if okay. Also, what is SAL?

Ive heard multiple times that OL and PenFed do not stack.



Swap a lease, end of month 2 days to seal a solid deal and if they’ll take another deal like this on the books.

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A true Snake from @Bostoncarconcierge ?

Not sure i’d boast about being a snake

In case you missed it


I’m not getting involved in that. All I said to dealer was you guys are great like Mike said. I guess I should have kept my mouth shut and not said anything.

I never used his deal nor I asked him for advice on getting the car. When I was interested in a BMW in March before COVID. He declined to help in March saying I was being picky and go with his deal. There’s always three sides to every story. He can think I was being a snake but I was using another members deal to get what I want. If I really was being a snake, I would have posted what dealer and salesman helped but not my place as all brokers work hard with dealers