BMW 530e VS Ford Fusion Energi

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to lease PHEV and have come down to two options and in a dilemma as this is mainly going to be commuter vehicle.

Below are the details:

Ford Fusion Energi:
36 months
12k per year
$286 per month (including tax)
$286 DAS

BMW 530e
36 months
10k per year
$400 per month (including tax)
$2000 DAS

Also, how much is the average insurance for both of these cars?


They are practically the same car, just go with the cheaper one. Insurance is free.


What do you mean by insurance is free?

Ask your insurance agent for a quote not strangers on the internet. Ridiculous.


I have no ideal why are you even asking. This is over $5k to go to the 530e…for a commuter…so not worth it! If you want more than just a commuter then you can bring the 530e into discussion.

Get the Ford for commute and drive your 250 swb on sunny days.

The 530e is a much nicer car, but given your numbers, it’s 55% more than the Fusion. But based on sticker prices, that scales about right. So I guess the question is if you want to spend 55% more for the luxury sedan vs the mainstream sedan. The Fusion does have 12k miles vs the 530e’s 10k if you think you’ll need them.

As for insurance, just go get a few quotes online, plenty of places you can do it.

530e gets 12 miles per electric charger, it is hardly worth it if you are looking at electronic cars.

Clearly you want the BMW and want someone to convince you to spend the extra money.


Yeah this is an entirely subjective equation. How much do you value the BMW roundel and luxury? What’s a dollar worth to you? Obviously the more money you have the less significant the extra 5K + extra gas cost are over life of lease.

Haha…its other way around. I want people to convince me to get Ford spend $5K on better things. :grinning:

Get the Fusion and a Vegas weekend coke and hooker binge. Also it should be easier to swap out of.


Commuter go with the Ford plus it has more miles?

Also, might want to look at the GLC350e?

At 10 miles ev range it’s really not worth it as a commuter.

I assume you’ve already looked at and priced out the following for leases?:
Clarity PHEV
Ioniq PHEV

The Clarity may be your best bet.

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This is a weird comparison. It’s just a matter of whether you want to spend more money for more car. Ford Fusion can’t compare to BMW 5. Like why are you guys even comparing? :confused:


Clarity PHEV …no way you will get close to $286 with current Honda incentives.
Ioniq PHEV…slim shot, very few deals on this car.
Niro PHEV…maybe, a few weeks back one was listed under $300 on here.

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Ahh ok, good to know. Haven’t priced out any of those.

electric range in real life on 530e is roughly 20 miles, if that

Ive never gotten close to 20 mi on E

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Gov say 16…