Black Friday Deals

Hi All,
I am not sure if we have any black Friday leasing deals? I am looking out for one. Let me know if you find one.


So you willing to get any car as long as it’s a BF deal?


None have come up so far. Most incentives are planned on a monthly basis.

I haven’t seen any manufacturer advertise additional incentives just for Black Friday.

I wish I can do that. Want to look at options available first…

Yes we will send you a post card via usps :grin:


Better yet send via UPS if they go on strike.

Thanks that is very thoughtful!!

Last day of the month or Labor Day weekend for the best deals? read this for more information on holiday “sales”

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If I believe my emails lately, every dealership I’ve had any contact with over the past few months is having huge Black Friday deals that you can’t beat.


Fake holidays… if we are lucky Toyota will put $500 dealer cash on 1 car. That’s what they did last year.


But do they have balloons and the inflatable giant wiggly guy?


If they don’t have one of these don’t even botherWacky%20waving%20inflatable%20arm%20wacky%20waving%20inflatable%20arm%20flailing%20tube_24d992_3072377


That’s probably all they have, and not any real deals.

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Not true. Everyone knows that the amount of banners and balloons is inversely proportional to sales prices.


Here is one for RAM:

Is there ever a time that full size light duty trucks don’t have 10k off sticker on certain trims? I feel like that’s year round.

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Thats normal pricing on RAM :stuck_out_tongue:

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@StingerTT this year the ram and GM trucks are all new redesigns so I do t think you’ll see those level of discounts on those brands. Perhaps Ford but they have been lighter on truck lease incentives lately.

Well, there’s at least one 2019 Ram with 10k off! I give it two months before rest follow through on it.