Black Friday Deals



What I don’t understand is how Ford is not giving out better incentives for 2018 F 150 trucks.
I got a patry $1500 rebate/incentives for a F150 Lariat…

I thought they wanted to hit the 1 million F150 sales for the year ???


They’re the best selling truck in America for as long as I can remember. They don’t have to give out more…they’re going to sell anyways.


so true … yet people still go trample on each other at walmart


And drive there in their $500/mo Escape :rofl:


Black Friday was so much better when that happened. I miss hearing about people getting murdered over toasters. Those were the good days


Now people simply order their stuff online without getting dressed. How far we’ve come :(.

Not to say people who go Walmart get “dressed.”


Black Friday deals are a marketing gimmick. The captives set the numbers at the beginning of the month and rarely sway from those. At most, you might get a few bucks more in dealer discount, but that’s all.


If your dealership doesn’t have at least one Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman, is it even a dealership?


Where do you go to get those? The Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman Emporium?


I think that’s next to the hammock district, you also need to look for the hoods up



How can there not be a big sale? Look at the size of those letters!

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Here is our Black Friday Special on this stock unit Stock 181632. These are legit prices, all you have to add are your state taxes, tags & $300.00 processing. They cannot be reserved, it is first come - first serve. Contact me for an appointment or stop on by and ask for me!
$14,999.00 plus TTP

Russell J. Carter
New Car Sales
Criswell Automotive

$22,395 MSRP


9% off a Cruze is doable and if you have the $2000 GM lease loyalty and $500 Costco, you can get a $24,240 LT Hatchback for $15,500. That’s like 36% off which is incredible on a new car


Came to this thread hoping for the annual @vhooloo dealer ad copy pastes, left disappointed!

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