Best lease deal for $250-$300

I`m looking for a mid-size car in the 250-300 range with 0 down, 12k/36mo

I would prefer to stay away from most luxury brands other than Lexus.
So far I’ve looked at Mazda, VW and Toyota. Mazda being the favorite.

Check out this short term lease take over. Could be a good option until you make up your mind

You should probably state that that is YOUR lease takeover. :thinking:


That’s what I meant :slight_smile:

You can easily lease a Mazda 6 or VW Passat for under $300 with zero down, but it will depend on the price/packages you want. For me, I find more value in a base model luxury brand, as opposed to a highly optioned standard brand.

For example, I lease a base model 2016 Hyundai Genesis AWD, with MSRP of $42,xxx for $283/mo with only startups due at signing. My first choice was a 2016 Mazda6 GT with MSRP of $31,xxx but the best deal I could get was $310/mo with startups. The Genesis is the near-luxury segment and a much better car, with more standard equipment on the base model than a loaded Mazda 6.

If you are fixed on a payment and need a car quickly, you need to be flexible on the choice of vehicle. If you are set on a certain car, you need to be patient and wait for a deal (low money factor, big rebates, etc…).

This is some good insight! I’ll look to see if I can find some 2016 Genesis around. Are there any other cars you recommend that are on this teeter point?

BMW 320i $213/mo including tax based on this thread

Depends. A base model BMW, Mercedes or Audi with no options = not great value IMO.

I’ll take it for 2 something a month all maintenance covered nothing to worry about , but could Lexus or even the new Maxima be in that price range for a lease? 250-300

Not sure I’ve seen a Lexus model fly under $300 here.

Agreed, but that’s why I think BMW or Audi are not good value brands in general. Most people don’t mind paying a premium for the badge. It’s pathetic that a $40K plus BMW comes with halogen lights and fake leather seats.

Get an i8 that’s $1,000 a month and put $25,200 down to bring it down to $300 a month!


You need to narrow down to one model car and one trim specifically. Having 3 models across 3 manufacturers in the running is just bad. You’re splitting your focus and you need to drill down on one model. Then you can hammer dealers in a tri-state area for a smoking deal.

Cowz, where do you live?

VW and Toyota will probably lease a little better than Mazda but get what you prefer.

I live in St. Louis Missouri

I’m not sure if this type of vehicle is on your radar or not but I just leased a Chevy Traverse on 2/28/17. It has plenty of seating and more total cargo capacity than a Chevy Tahoe. (116 v. 94) I was a little distracted and could have perhaps received a better monthly payment because while I was negotiating, I had one child in the ER and my wife was home ill and in bed. I just made a commitment to lease late in the business day yesterday and will go in this weekend to pick it up. I actually haven’t seen the final paperwork but I got the Traverse LS / MSRP $33,770 / 24 month / 15K miles annually / MF .0011458 (2.75% APR) / $251 per month, including taxes (7% Indiana) / Zero down/drive-off. I’m GMS and have a competitive lease in the household.

I just picked this up as an extra vehicle because my wife occasionally needs a little more cargo capacity for work. I just thought I’d throw this out there for you. Good luck!

2017 or 2018 Traverse?

The Traverse is a 2017.

this is a great deal… are you in socal?

would love to talk to your sales guy to replicate.