Great deal on 2016 Lexus CT 200h F Type

Just wanted to share this deal. Went at the end of the day on Valentine’s Day (also Presidents’ Day weekend). My wife is a great negotiator. Ended up not paying the $1k down shown. $0 down (1st month paid for), $268/ month including taxes, 36 months, 12k miles.

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Congratulations, nice deal.
What incentives/rebates were applied to reduce your net cap cost?

Congrats! Thanks for sharing. That’s an excellent deal.

The rebates are comprised of $2,500 lease cash + $1,000 college cash + first month’s payment?

You got it. Would love to see if I could have done any better. Going at the end of the day when everyone wanted to leave seemed like good bargaining tactic. Good luck to everyone with future negotiations. This site helped me lot thanks to all of you.

Hi @Ntety–great deal! Is it possible to email me your lease contract with $0 down so I can find a dealership in So Cal that will match?? Would love to score the same deal!

What dealer in contra costa - this is a great deal

Pleasanton Lexus. Ask for Zabi and tell him Ryan sent you. I wouldn’t work with anyone else there. That guy went to bat for us big time. Good luck!


Looks great !
Enjoy the car and thanks for sharing

I wish there were a dealer in South Florida that would match this .

Thank you! Will they not match it If you take that print out with you?

Would be worthy of trying.
Dealers normally start changing numbers and give pretty creative reasons for doing that,lolz.

They must hate websites like this one.

We are such a small % of buyers. Way less than 1%. I can see where the luxury sales crew would get frustrated buy a knowledgeable buyer. They do way more leases than cheaper Chevy and Ford and expect to make more money dressed up in their suits!

Ryan can you post here or share by email the final work sheet (minus any personal information ) with $0 money down.

I am going to start contacting all Lexus dealers in South Florida.
I tried hard to replicate the QX60 deal. Most dealers laughed me off. One promised the same deal and yet when I get there ( Infiniti of coconut creek ) said that trim was not available, instead they worked out a $490 / month for nearly the same car.

I spoke to a Lexus dealer here (Lexus of Palm Beach)
The “best” he would do $200 for 7500 mile lease with $5000 down payment.

Said I should try again in March when they will have newer promotions


I could get you into a base CT for $287 + Tax with just 1st month and tag at signing. Lease broker here in FL. 36 Months 7500 Miles.

Thanks LeaseMia,
Nothing close to what Ryan was offered ?
I need a 12,000 mile lease.

For 12k it goes up to $305 + Tax. With just 1st month and tag at signing.

Unfortunately no, thats a crazy good deal, the rebates must be different there in Cali, i still get the cars here well bellow invoice, we could see what will be next month.

LeaseMia, I drive pretty far for work here in Tampa and would need 15k. What does that do to the payment? Another 20 bucks I would imagine right?


Just about, it would be $323 + Tax, with 1st and tag at signing.