Best deal under $450 a month with less than $3500 drive off and 15K

About to sell my Audi S4. Looking to get into a lease. So far I really like the Jaguar XE AWD but I’m curious if anyone had any other suggestions around these numbers. Thank you!

This fits the bill perfectly

You need to break it up so that people can make some proper suggestions for you

What term? I assume 36 months but don’t make people assume.
What is the tax rate in your state and is it monthly or all due upfront?
What is the typical doc fee in your area?
What is the DMV fee in your area?

Other than the aforementioned items, why would you want to pay any more at drive-off? Hackrs don’t really think along the lines of 450 per month and 3500 drive-off. That 3500 will almost certainly include a cap cost reduction (AKA a down payment) which doesn’t really bring your monthly down to 450, that’s just a mathematical illusion. Depending on how large the cap cost reduction is, you are really paying 500 or more per month.

Term 36/39
Tax Rate: 6% NJ (Looking to roll in to payments)
Average doc fee: $350
DMV Fee: $400

Mathematical illusions work for me but so do deals. I’m looking to keep it $450 preferably with no cap cost reduction and taxes included. However, if I need to put a small amount of money in to make my eyes happier every month I will do it if necessary.

It’s 6.875% (was 7) and since it’s due upfront it’s one of the things you should pay upfront in your 3,500 budget. Why pay interest on taxes when you can afford to pay it upfront?

I’m open to whatever. That’s why I’m here looking for assistance.

What kind of car are you looking for? Since you had an S4, some combination of sport and luxury…does it need to have 4 doors? Are there any brands you wouldn’t consider?

You might catch grief from some but a small CCR is not a big deal IMO.

Right now the vehicles I like are: Jaguar XE, Audi A6, and BMW 4 Gran Coupe. I’m also open to the Lexus NX 200T F sport and Infiniti Q50 Red Sportbut would prefer other options first.

I am looking for 4 doors just because I think I’m over the coupe lifestyle. I’m not a big fan of other cars at the moment.

See this thread re: Audi A6 and ask in @HN308’s epic Q50 thread to see what Red Sport leases look like.

Where can i get this infiniti Q50 deal at? I tried like 5 dealerships i am in Ohio, no one can come below $370?

Please click on the link that VHooloo posted and read it. Ask any Q50-related questions there.