2017 Infiniti Q50 AWD 3.0T - MSRP 46,100 - 308.58 /mth without tax - Zero Down

Update on 02/16 - This deal is not active as of now. All the people who I have sent the dealer Info should not contact the dealer anymore or respond to him unless he gets closer to numbers offered last month as nothing much has changed about factory support on these leases.

I posted the deal of the car I got last month and it got some attention so I thought to share this deal I have for month of Jan. As of now it is good till end of the month but if residual and MF remain same for next month I see no reason it won’t be available then.

I have been negotiating with the dealer for friend this month and its the best I got in January without using any VPP code which I used last month.

MSRP - $46,100
MF : 0.00003
residual 51% for 39 months
10K per year.

Taxes can be rolled in or you pay extra.

1st month due at signing and the actual cost of DMV.

Monthly payment $308.58

I did some reverse engineering to come up with the sales price which is $34777. This is discount on MSRP of 24.5% which is not a bad discount and you can get that without any haggling.



Awesome deal man. Great work

Do you know what should be the ballpark number of one qualified for vpp on top of this discount on msrp?

What trim & options did you negotiate this on? Looks like a strong deal. Their MF looks insane.

The value of VPP codes are different and depends if you have A, B or C code. From my own experience I had a VPP-A which was worth $1250 so that would be worth 32 bucks a month in discount.

That deal is for a premium with premium plus and AWD.

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Great - thank you for the heads up! Do you happen to know of the 2.0’s have the same residuals as the 3.0’s? I think I could get away with just the 2.0 and I’d rather spend the extra money on the 2.0t sport model.



2.0 residuals are around 45% depending on how many miles and the months the lease is for. MF is different as well.

2.0 usually have more incentives from factory. You should target at least 30% off MSRP to make it a competitive lease.

There is a q50 3.0 Sport at the dealer near me.

MSRP $51,185
Sales price $46,217

How much more do you think I could get off on this? What should my payments aim for 36/12.


You are being offered 10% off MSRP which is the standard most dealers offer as 1st offers to all inquiries.

My deal is almost 25% off MSRP. You have a long way to go to be close to that.

The sport version usually have better residuals but this month they are same so you need to target to get at least 20% discount.

I am in NY metro area and your prices will depend on how much competition you have in your market.


That is an awesome deal for a $46k car! Infiniti must have some big kickbacks to the dealers to offer these discounts off msrp.

Contacted my local dealer and they wouldn’t budge at all besides the initial discount and incentives they showed which was about 9k. Like they wouldn’t even consider lowering the price

I received numbers from a local dealer - they were for the sport model and not the premium. This is my first time calculating lease numbers by hand, so I’m sure I did something incorrect as I’m not getting to the same number as the dealership. Anyone care to review the numbers to let me know where I could improve the deal (other than getting a lower selling price) or let me know what I may have calculated incorrectly? The money down covers all the fees and 1 month of payment at the rate they calculated.

I’m assuming that I should not have listed the down payment including the first month payment or any of the fees.

(also sorry - don’t mean to hijack thread - just didn’t know if this was better suited adding on to this thread or posting a new one)

It is not clear what you are suggesting. You are being told that there is 9K in incentives but you are offered a little less than 5K in discount compared to MSRP.

Also they don’t pay invoice price to procure the vehicle let alone MSRP.

So pretty much what you should ask for is 9K below invoice which will bring your selling price in line with mine which is around 11.3K below MSRP.

@clee920, moving to this thread instead for more opinions…

@HN308 and others, what do you think of the following offer she received on a 2.0T?

Even without knowing all numbers - it’s a very good deal: under $300/mo on a $42K car and 25% off MSRP with only first month due.

This is incredible…

Is there some secret you can share that gets Infiniti to melt their price?

Did you just ask for that big of a discount?

There is no secret involved.

I just ask for the factory incentive available to dealers for a particular month and than deduct it from invoice price. In Jan it was around 8-9K depending on the model so that gets me to around 25% discount.

I feel they have priced Q50 way to high and have to than discount it to move more units. If this same car was priced around 40K the discount wouldn’t be much more than 5K effectively bringing the selling price in same territory.

Look at my other thread from December when I got my own car for $298 with tax included.

Now the dealer knows me well and gives me the best price upfront without any haggling.


@clee920 @max_g

I need to know the exact MF and residual to tell you if this is a good deal or not. Based on my calculation there is a down payment or a cap cost reduction involved to get this monthly payment and I am absolutely against it.

Savings of $10,335 is not that great provided there is almost 9-10K factory incentive on the 2.0T. You should get at least 2K more in discounts as the 2.0T doesn’t sell much and if this is 1st offer you got via email than you can get that much reduction for sure.

Also when did you get this offer also makes a difference. if you got it last few days of Jan things might be different now.

Also with Q50 leases don’t bother with MSD as the MF is so low that monthly interest is less than $2 dollars.

Get the exact breakdown and let me know and we will help you here to put togather a good deal.


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I see.

Are you suggesting that the dealership volunteers to tell us these factory incentives - just by asking?

If so, is there a source that would tell us all the factory incentives?