Best car for $30k

Any time they say they “like the size” they’re likely trying to make you feel better. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sorry couldn’t resist


The big ones are nice but hard to daily drive. SUVs I mean.


The CX5 or CX50 is the right choice here and I’m shocked anyone would prefer a RAV4 design aesthetic over the KODO design but to each their own. :woman_shrugging:t2:

It’s a bit over budget but the hybrid only drivetrain might save a little dependent on the commuting style but you could consider the Venza as the interior is much nicer than the RAV4. Also, whilst it’s getting pretty old - Honda’s HR-V isn’t a bad option still.


if you are looking at Toyota, Modern Toyota in Winston Salem, NC and Danville Toyota in Danville, VA do MSRP, but you do have to wait for what you want to come in. Skip the Rav4 and just get a Camry

I’d definitely recommend testing them back to back so the comparisons are fresh.

While the final product is Americanized to an extent, the platform is designed from the ground up to be global. And in the global marketplace, the Corolla segment is often the family/midsize car while the Camry segment is much more upscale. The intangibles such as NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) should be much better in the Camry segment.

A longer wheelbase helps with the questionable road quality in the tristate too.


I think that goes for everything in this thread. If the wife doesn’t know much about cars, maybe OP and wife can write down a list of cars that she thinks are interesting and then test drive them to see which ones she actually likes. Otherwise, the list of potential cars is just unmanageable (IMHO).

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The Camry is a much better car than a Civic.

Or go to Carmax and drive all the attractive ones, then the fast ones, then the big ones, then the comfortable ones. Drive them all.


At a traditional dealership, make sure the salesperson doesn’t tag along. Go drive it for 30-45 minutes, including on the freeway at 75 MPH.

I would do 85+++

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Maybe look into elecro a bit? If she just commuter it can fits ideally. My personal advice here is checkout Chevrolet Bolt. Interior and sits are high like in SUV, but it’s quite compact like simple car. It can be good choice, personally I have one in repainted color like this navy-blue

Bolt also has a great pre-heating option that is great for NJ winters. Leave it in the garage and it can warm the whole house!


Narrowed our search down to a 2022 Toyota RAV4 (hybrid or regular), 2023 Kia Sportage and 2023 Honda HRV. Any input on the depreciation for these cars? Assume all can be had at MSRP for roughly 30k. I have already confirmed the RAV4 and HRV. Waiting to hear on Sportage, but hopeful as a good friend owns a dealership.

Toyota. /
Rav4 if the only potions is Rav4 and HRV.

I’m sorry, can you clarify?

No sales tax in NJ? what do you mean.

There is no sales tax on EVs in NJ, like Max said.


I thought he sounded frugally minded

He is saying pick the RAV4 over hrv and kia

The new HRV is arguably nicer than the RAV4.