Best car for $30k

Beggars can’t be choosers


Normally because of used car price inflation I wouldn’t steer that way, but we’re talking 5000-7000 miles a year.

I’d have her find something she likes first, preferably a Honda/Toyo/Subaru (since she doesn’t like Mazda), doesn’t take premium gas / not a PHEV. Nail down her preferences (color, ride, options), and then back into a slightly used / lowish mile example that has some bite out of its depreciation. Because she doesn’t want an EV, you’re paying sales tax with no state incentives, and a 2022 with 20k in 2025 is not likely to resell for MSRP.

For instance, if she likes a Forester Limited that’s nearly 40k plus TTL, can you find a 2018/2019 with 30-50k for $30k?

The new $30k car in this market might just feel too basic. :man_shrugging:t2:

Surprised no one said it yet:

Dump the wife. Prob cheaper than the car. Also allows you to upgrade to a newer younger model :drooling_face:


? This didn’t trigger an alarm with anyone else yet?


To clarify that is per year. Assuming a $30k car I’d be comfortable selling it in three years for $21k with super low miles. It’s a goal, an estimate or a guess. Also, thanks for never answering my messages. We were discussing a Range Rover order, you chatted for a bit and never answered.

Now that’s why they pay you the big bucks to be a TH :moneybag:


Say what now??? I sell Range Rovers? Damn, I gotta get my alter ego in check!

Thank you. She seems to be happy with a civic or RAV4, so I’m going to look at those Thursday with her. Already found a dealer for each willing to do MSRP (or so they claim)…

Just a personal preference to get new over used, but I completely understand why it is more sensible to get a used car like you mentioned.

Again, I appreciate the thorough response and help.


Sorry, I confused you with bostoncarconcierge. As you can tell I’m frustrated about the Range Rover ordeal.

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10%/yr is more manageable.

Base WRX was my answer for myself at that price. Depreciation is historically VERY small.

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Thanks. I think 10% per year of depreciation @ 5k miles per year is realistic, but I might be wrong. Her brother has the same car but she doesn’t like it. According to her the body is weird.

Thanks, I’ll check out a regular model as well.

Sounds like you’re single or not happily married.

New one is not attractive, I agree. I got one of the last 2021s lying around when I saw the ‘22 design.

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Ahhh…the typical “picky” shopper?

“My wife won’t drive an EV”
“My wife hates those brands”
“My wife hates that design”
“My wife hates those colors”
“My wife will not wait on an order”

You limit yourself extremely, especially in this market which means you’re really going to pay for it up front.

Best advice someone can give you is just to find a Honda/Toyota/Subaru at MSRP and purchase it.

Going to be an uphill battle in NJ tho. Good luck


Be sure to check out a Camry or Sonata at the same time.

You’ll probably find a $30k Camry or Sonata is nicer than a $30k RAV4 and quieter, something almost no spec sheet captures.


I think the “she likes the RAV4” was the bigger alarm.


Would you suggest the Camry over a civic?

She doesn’t know anything about cars. She just said she likes the size of it.

Thank you!