Best car for $30k

What small to midsize car or SUV would you choose for $30k? Preferably new cars only and looking for slowest depreciation. My wife drives 5-7k miles per year, so it’s just a commuter. Don’t have time to wait for a 4xe build.

Subaru Crosstrek


Zero option Wrangler?

What is your budget for depreciation and fuel?

Looking for 20-25mpg at least do an average of $800 per year on fuel. Looking for 10% roughly in depreciation. Plan on keeping for 3-5 years. Again, she drives maybe 80 miles per week.

Considered it but it’s not as comfortable as some other options as a daily driver. That is with nothing added.


Mazda CX-5


She doesn’t like them

Those lease well do an argument could be made to lease instead of buy

They aren’t currently, better to buy

I noticed this deal


Good luck getting a dealer to honor that. At least that’s my experience


Agreed. Tried and it’s difficult.

Civic, good luck finding one at MSRP, but fresh design, solid fuel economy, inoffensive styling

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Interested in that and RAV4 hybrid right now

RAV4 hybrid is fine, but probably more boring than anything else on the list.

If you ain’t willing to wait for a 4xe, you can scratch off a RAV4 hybrid.

Also, 80 miles a week? Just do a gas Rav4. No waiting, MSRP all day.

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Buy an EV. No sales tax.

If you can take off $7,500 from your 2022 tax return next year, even better.


Wife won’t drive an EV

At this point, I tell the wife to solve her own problems.