Best 1k/month lease deal in socal

Yeah, that’s kind of what I’ve been doing for the past 2 months. I just haven’t seen any deals at all for 60 days straight almost on luxury vehicles in that price range >70k msrp. Most seem to be for cars in lower price bracket. Was just wanting to pick everyone’s brains to see if maybe there was something I missed.

Will be takinga look at that porsche subscription though for sure

Ah, so you were looking for a confirmation that you hadn’t missed anything in the research you had already done! That’s a bit of a different thing.

It looks like you haven’t missed anything. :frowning:

Does Cadillac still have a subscription plan? That might be kind of fun.

Me thinks not. The BOOK by Cadillac iOS app is still in the store with 2017 model year screenshots

There was a lot of press right before Covid that it was coming back… :mask:

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What you can lease for $1,000/month is pretty depressing.


You mean to tell me you don’t like i3’s and A4’s?

WTH is the matter with you!?! Seriously, test drive a Sahara/HA 4xE…it may surprise and delight you. (and you will get tons of attention/questions everywhere you go, so the introvert in you will be challenged).

Suppose hypothetically you have, more than once, and you find it a vile machine that is uncomfortable after 5 mins? AFAF

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I personally don’t find it uncomfortable at all, and I drove 8 hours home from the dealer. Different strokes for different folks though, I can see how some would find it uncomfortable. I love that it has lumbar support, something the LT1 needs oh-so-dearly

Where do you live? If you are in an area that a CU leases in, there may be a good used lease option to get you a lot more car that new in today’s market. That is the only way possible to get a decent lease deal in today’s market with my used car RVs and the right CU.

If you are in CA, CO, FL, MI, OH and parts of NY, there are real options for a deal.

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Two disc laminectomy in '92, before microsurgery was a thing (8 inch scar) and the stiff seats and upright seating posture is perfect, even for long drives. I pop out to stretch, and am ready to hop back in. It’s at home for both errands as well as road trippin.

you need to get your back adjusted

Exactly. I don’t understand when someone here says they tried something and they don’t like it, someone still insists that is the solution. I totally understand why someone would like and drive one, if I won one in a raffle I wouldn’t keep it.

Maybe the newer surgeries aren’t as good or take longer to settle. There are a lot of cars I do find comfortable to drive where it’s just a preference, the only Jeep I could tolerate for more than an hour was the Grand Cherokee.

I need to 3D print a new back, and people need to stop texting and driving and using me as their brakes.


Fisker Ocean One

man I feel that. RIP my first Jeep Wrangler. RIP my back at 23 years old.

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Is this a serious post? Are A4’s and I3’s really $1k/mo now? I got my $63k M340i in February for $799/mo w/$4k upfront.

So you mean you like paying 913m on a 63k car and $1000 is mind boggling?


Hate to break it to you, but that’s an awful effective payment on an m340i

I could very well be wrong, but my hunch is that anytime a lease payment ends in 99 (ie…399, 799) you’re leaving a lot of meat on the bone.

My last two leases ended in 54 and 69, and the 69 was a mediocre lease (Subaru XT Ltd, first year).

Probably any lease ending in 9 could be shaved by a few dollars or more.

That $9xx/mo on your M340i isn’t exactly anything to write home about either.

Mind boggling, no. I had no idea either model was anywhere near low-mid $60’s.