Best 1k/month lease deal in socal

Hellcats and TRX are probably your best bet.

Trx way over $1k high money factor

Oh yeah duh, I should know that :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

just hellcats then

Wonder what a Durango Hemi is leasing for?

who the hell drives a Durango

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It’s the new 4xE, very attractive leasing offers right now.

Guess some people think :sauropod: are sexy? :man_shrugging:t4:

Lol, not really interested in a Durango, but for curiosity sake, do you have a link for socal broker?

I said in a similar thread a couple of years ago on a similar thread and I’ll say this again. If someone makes a thread for a lease for <$200 a month, it gets shut down (go do your research, contact a broker etc). Someone makes a thread for an expense lease option , everyone is happy to give their opinions…




@clutch does hellcats too

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Lol, the prices on those dodges look tasty. However, the designs on both cars are kinda fuggo. Bummer cause that engine on that hellcat is wild

you gotta go for the widebody man. Doesn’t matter how fugly you are as long as you have muscles. Trust me I know.


Honestly in your shoes, I would get a Porsche Drive subscription and only get a car the months that I knew I could enjoy it, and skip the others (so net/net $12k/yr).

Or spend $1000 a month on weekend Turos for a couple months


I guess this is the part that confuses me a bit (and b/c I don’t have the knowledge base that others here do). Has anyone ever looked at at $1K/mo lease deal and said, “DAMN, that was such a deal!”…? Genuine question.

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Historically people brag about their :fire: deal, and when you pick it apart it’s :fire::poop::fire:


Most of the time no, which is why I figured i’d ask before dropping 1k/month. However, I saw some 7 series deals earlier this year with 3k due at signing and 1k/month which were pretty “fire” (1k/month 80k msrp+). Did have quite a bit of fomo missing out on those.

also, great username.

I mean i guess it doesn’t look bad by itself. It’s just that this looks more like a 45k car than a 78k car.

While I disagree with your statement, are you going for looks or driving experience? Not only does it look like an expensive vehicle (hood, widebody, big spoiler, splitter, etc), the driving experience is the thrill of it all. 700+ horsepower to the rear wheels and a screaming supercharged american v8. doesn’t get better

Thanks (about the name). :wink:

If you have the cash flow where you’re going to have free $1K/mo for “awhile,” then what about just sort of waiting it out to see what the brokers (or dealers) end up posting? I wasn’t paying attention to 7-Series deals, but I imagine some of those might be “last minute” type postings that aren’t particularly replicable? If you have the time, maybe daily browsing of brokers who work w/ brands that you tend to favor and then pouncing? B/c, right now, I can’t imagine there’s anything particularly compelling right now.

Personally, if I had that kind of $ and already had a responsible car, I’d spend it on something fun and frivolous, like a convertible or 2-door sports car (regardless of whether it was a particularly good deal). Or maybe the Porsche subscription thing that @jeisensc mentioned.

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