Best 1k/month lease deal in socal

Hello, was curious if anyone saw any good “deals” in the price range of 1k/month for socal? Not looking for anything specifically, since this would be secondary car.

Looking to put 2-3k due at signing.

I’m seeing mostly 60-65k range msrp cars in this price bracket, was curious if May brought any good hacks. Thank you!

Kia Forte


after ADM you might be pushing it


Forgot to add the elantra

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buy a Tesla, a corvette, a 4Runner, or some other goofy high-residual toy. Leasing has been dormant for almost 2 years, and we’re not seeing any end in sight for this year, or even the next

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A few questions that might help us better help you:

  1. What is your current daily driver?
  2. Are you looking for a convertible, SUV, EV?
  3. What are some of your requirements?

I hate to break it to you but there are no good lease deals in this current market.

Another piece of advice - Instead of focussing on the monthly and the due at signing (I get it that you need a budget), why not make a list of cars you are interested in and check out broker deals in the Marketplace. It will help you get an idea of current pricing.

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio $600 / month + TTL

But you are so ‘vague’ I don’t know if a Corolla is a better fit for you or a Hyundai Venue

Looks like the i3 is out of the budget.


He’s too poor for that i3, sadly

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lol, i figured i’d get trolled for the vague requirements, but this being my second car, I do not really have anything specific i’m looking for beyond a good “deal”. I know that it’s better to shop for the car you want, but we do have the one we want right now (EV6 Gt-line), and as such have the luxury of chasing that hacker-high of grabbing a good deal.

  1. current daily driver ev6
  2. not looking for anything in particular. truly am open to convertible, suv, ev, sedan.
  3. my “requirements” are that the car is at 70k msrp and not a jeep. do not like the jeeps.

I’ve been following the marketplace very closely the past 2 months and realized I missed out on some really nice 7 series 1k/month deals from earlier in the year. I know I won’t be able to replicate that, but was curious if anything in that price range was a “deal”. By “deal” i mean for may 2022. I know the leasehackr deals of old are long gone.

You’re probably best served monitoring the private transfer section or looking at swap a lease where someone’s looking to get out of a previous deal due to circumstances.

Though I recall Miata’s are leasing pretty well for a fun ride, and at that price point you might be able to get two.

Order a hellcat under $1k


WHat are you needs? SUV/Car/Sports sedan? Brand preferences? Like there are SOOO many variables…

As @svsfan said, ordering a charger hellcat widebody seems to be the best deal that satisfies what you’re looking for. Check out clutch or LC

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One year, not two. I got two terrific leases last April and August. Things didn’t really go in the crapper until after Labor Day.

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:point_up_2::point_up_2: What they said.

FWIW, internet strangers can’t choose a car for you.

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I mean, we’re at least 2 years away from the $200 BMW’s and Tundras, $400 Jaguar F-types, and $50 Chevy Cruzes like the good ol days. Guess it depends on what you think is a “good deal” which is subjective. In my opinion, it’s been dry for a long time and will be dry for a long time.


Sounds more like you don’t need a car but have a bit of ‘play money’ to get. If so, get a play car, something that screams Mid Life Crisis, like a Hell cat…/lol

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Yup exactly. Have a little bit of “play” money available. Basically I’m just looking for that Leasehackr head rush of getting the max amount off MSRP at a high msrp car (>70k+ msrp).

To those who are saying pick a car, i understand what you mean. That’s what we did for our first daily driver. This one is just for the deal-chaser in me and the wife. Looking for something that we can stare at and be like, damn we got a pretty fire deal on that car. That’s all. It can be a coupe, sedan, suv, ev, gas, doesn’t matter. Basically asking what’s the best non-jeep high-est MSRP off deal we can find right now for a car >70k. I will be taking a look at the hellcat like some of ya’ll suggested. That’s kinda sexy

I think the only thing that can give you that rush right now is a Jeep. Otherwise do this