Benedetto's Midwest Volvo Deals! - All Models Spreadsheet Inside / We Deliver!

Tentative October update

Hello! Please see my current Volvo offerings below!

As a quick note - I am required to disclose that I am licensed and bonded as a car broker and have the proper credentials to facilitate your new car deal.

October Programs are here! The sheet will be current by Monday the 4th.

  • S60s & V90CC reduced by $500 - please see sheet for current prices.
  • A Plan is available on all new vehicles! Loaners do not apply.
  • First Responder, Teacher, Penfed, and all other affinity pins are $500 on all new units.
  • $500 loyalty across the board, which cannot be stacked with pull ahead (XC60 and S60 are still $1000)
  • $1000 conquest on S60s and XC60s if you have a non-Volvo vehicle in the household.
  • Pull ahead is 6 months and cannot be combined with loyalty.

Note: Conquest is not included in the sheet pricing - you should reduce an XC60 or S60 number by $30 if you qualify for Conquest.

I will have a list of 9 “new” vehicles, with a few hundred miles on them that will qualify for loaner prices. I will post that shortlist on Monday.

As a new process, my dealer network has asked me to try something different.

We have created a new delivery program for ALL vehicles (New and Loaner)

If you live in IL, WI, IN, TN, KY, MN home delivery can be added for $200.
If you live in MI, OH, GA, CO, Texas home delivery can be added for $300.
If you live in FL, NC, SC, LA (Louisiana), home delivery can be added for $600.

Any states not listed, please inquire.

We will experiment more with this in the coming months.

NE is possible but is likely wiser to reach out to a local broker.

California is still blocked as of now.

Please submit request here .


Hi there, I’m interested in the xc60 you posted, could you provide me with the specs/options present on this vehicle and if there is an option for either a 12k or 15k miles and what those monthly payments may be. Thank you!

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Hi @Jatin_Patel

I’ve provided that info on the spreadsheet, re the specs/options.

You can use the LH calc link (reposted below) to change the mileage to your own needs. If you’re interested in going further or want a total breakdown on the deal you can email me where I’m happy to explain my process further.

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Hi @Benedetto I just PMed you. I’m interested in the T5 R @ 65k MSRP

New Sheet with new cars - Will update programs and more XC90s when I have a moment.

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I would like to have S60 or XC60 w/ advanced. I’ve sent a PM yesterday.

My contact info is listed on the spreadsheet.

PM, isn’t something I’m always looking at.

okay. Will email you in a min.

Just as a heads up to onlookers. I don’t expect you to just jump on a deal - I get it, you’re looking for the best value.

However, sending me this is a quick way for me to decline working with you.


More units on there - XC90 T5 R Design 66k MSRP for $444 + tax w/ MSDS !

Hey ben,
I would like to know what would be my payment for zip 61615 with Tax and how much is msds. Thank you. You can message me. thanks

What car… ?

can you send me private message thanks

T5 R is pending.

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What’s are the details re: shipping? Possible to NY/NJ/CT area?

Or you can just contact him directly and ask for his deals in tri-state.

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Updated sheet w/ more cars

Check line 15 for crazy deal

Loaner XC90 that was in an accident.

Vehicle was repaired and still eligible for lease - comes with wear and tear from Volvo.

$365 + tax w/ drive off and MSDs.

Edit: Unfortunately, upon further researching the Volvo finance rules, this vehicle is not eligible for lease.

It had “slight” frame damage and once there is a structural issue, Volvo will not fund a lease deal.

Has been taken down off the spreadsheet.

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If I wasn’t coming out of a white exterior brown interior car, I wouldn’t even try to hack, just take that loaner and be done with it. Sick deal, as long as the car wasn’t borderline totaled.

Line 15 is already pending.

I will answer PM’s in the order I received them in, should buyer change mind.

I sent you PM for #15 few minutes back.
Let me know if it comes back again:)