How do I locate a broker near me?

Battle Creek, MI here looking to hire negotiator to do the work.

@Benedetto, or


I looked into him but he is quite far from me on the east side of the state.

Don’t let distance deter you… if the numbers are right, the numbers are right. Folks on LH buy their vehicles from cross-country if the price is right. It’s not unheard of… just something to keep in mind. Good luck!


He ships and also may have dealers right next to you


I will have to reach out. I’m curious how pricing works as well. Is it a percentage of sale or a one time fee.

It varies - some charge a retainer and/or a flat fee. Others are compensated by the dealer… YMMV, just need to have that conversation with the broker.

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Does @Benedetto ever post rates or specials on leasehackr? The link you posted above does not have his name listed. There is just one in MI listed and its a dealer.

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This requires just a little effort.

Not sure why he would use a “Midwest” Tag when he is in Michigan. Why not tag Michigan? I have been searching for brokers in Michigan and tags including MI but never have much luck. The Volvo deals he’s listing seems they would be different by state/region. I will need to send @Benedetto a message.