Lease Volvo XC90 T6 momentum with Adv Pkg

Hi All,
I got below deal for XC90 for lease
State: North Carolina
MSRP: 62630
Cap cost: 55028.10
MF : 0.00148
Term: 36 months/ 10000 miles
Payment : 624/month with no money down
RV (0.61) - 38204

vehicle = 62630
discount- 9403
net price - 53225
fees- 1782
sales tax-20.96

Let me know if this looks like a good deal


Average deal at best. You can do much better. Not sure what incentives (personal or regional) apply to you, but from the looks of this, the dealer discount is paltry.

You should take a look at some of the broker Volvo threads in marketplace, feel like even with broker fee and shipping those deals will come out ahead of yours.

See this for example:

Row10 on that sheet is comparable to your pick

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Probably another 2k off, and you should also do much better than $624 with 3% NC sales tax.

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Any cash due at signing?

No cash due at signing except first month payment

Thanks, this is my first time leasing a car and I am am not sure how to deal, should I ask more on Cap cost ?
this is the break up :
vehicle = 62630
discount- 9403
net price - 53225
fees- 1782
sales tax-20.96
RV (0.61) = 38204

I see, you get good discount - 10.22% before $3,000 Volvo Allowance. I take it back about extra $2K, but doesn’t hurt to try for another $500 off. Numbers match, I get $621/mo with first month DAS (I guess it is not included in $1,782). 10 MSDs will make it ~$573/mo

He is getting close to 15% off, what more can he do better? And it is not in a big state where the inventory is ample.

Right first moth payment is not included in 1782 that is just admin fees, acquisition fees and other taxes and fees. Thanks for your support , so I guess may be I can try to push a little more but overall you think it’s a good deal right ?

Yeah, looks right. But I don’t like $600+ payment on a $62K Volvo, especially with your measly 3% tax. MF is high and incentives are just OK.

ok , but when you say in your previous post numbers match and you get 621/per month with first month DAS , what;s the difference then. Also 3% sales tax is included in payment without tax payment is 605/month + ~18 something for tax

Doesn’t matter, $3 off = $108 over 3 year. I may be missing something, like the tax may not be exactly 3% or something else.

I’m with you, at first glance something immediately looked like it could be better.

I’ve seen numerous deals and ads that were a lower monthly and $6-$10k higher MSRPs.

OP - get the incentives you’re receiving broken out, along with the MF, and post them.

My math shows an 8.6% discount, you can get 12% without too much negotiating (personally, I’d be going after 15%). Should get you another $2100-$2200 on sale price. I’m seeing incentives of $4k on this right now, but could depend on region, not sure what else you might qualify for, but with nothing except the $4k, your discount is meh.

Base MF on this is .00148.

It’s $3,000 allowance in NC. Looks like only MSDs can make this deal any better, and $500-1,000 more off (but this won’t be easy). No one gets 15% off on a new one.

There is a $62k Momentum (new) for about $75 cheaper a month without MSDs here & $1.5k TDAS.

I’m of the opinion that right now there are some 2019 XC90 unicorns to be had, just depends how bad someone wants it.

I contacted Ben based on that sheet, he mentioned that with shipping it won’t be suitable. That is available in midwest. I’m opening up search to other dealers who have these models let’s see… Thanks @Ursus & @212hackr for your inputs

Right, you can hunt for that “unicorn” all your life and never get it, or you can have a deal in your backyard for $20-25/mo more and without brokers fee. I’m pretty sure Ben’s deals with shipping and his fees will be in the same ballpark. But if you are in the area - sure, jump on it.

Edit: looks like the deal you mentioned is about $800 off better. Like I said, there might be another $500-1,000 on the OP deal, but not more. Ben gets great deals, but in this case these $800 savings will be negated by shipping + broker fees. And he told so to @Dban1

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I have reached another dealership and he is giving me similar car with $599.99 / month with no money down.
Do you guys think its a good deal of it sounds fishy

You won’t know until you get everything in writing with a full breakdown. He may mean 0 down payment with $2,500 DAS.