Bad BMW Lease Return (Part 2)


Hi guys,

Not sure if you guys saw the last BMW Lease return I found at auction, but I figure I’d bring another one your way:

Looks like the previous owner crashed it, taped it back together, cut the airbags and the seatbelt and kept on driving…it also hasn’t had an oil change in 26,000 Miles!

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“This is covered by my excess wear and tear coverage, right?”



I could only imagine the bill they will be receiving on this one… Probably won’t pay it though.


Skipping service on a lease that usually includes prepaid maintenance … :see_no_evil:


I am embarrassed that I am a fellow bimmer lessee.

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Surprised they didn’t return the car on fire.


“If I get another BMW you guys will waive the damages right? XYZ dealer down the road said they would” :joy::joy::joy:


Maybe they assumed the lease from SAL.
The least this guy could have done was regroove the tires before turn in. :rofl:

Seriously though, I’d sooner take the bus than drive a trashed Bimmer.

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how do you return a car like that… yeah that bill must be crazy high. SMH

Likely a repo. Used to see these all the time. In Riverside. They used to have a section by “the wall” specifically reserved for the inop tows. They would drag them through on a wrecker so they could attempt to pursue the deficiency.

I’ve leased high-end cars for years. I would absolutely hate myself and be ashamed if I ever returned a car like this. I know you are supposed to “drive them like you stole them”, because what do you care what happens after you turn them in, but this just makes you a giant asshole.

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The sad part is, if they rotated the tires (or if staggered, replaced the fronts), maybe they would have been able to brake in time and could have avoided the collision in the first place.

Some people’s children, right?

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Or someone who simply got in way over their head or lost their livelihood.

It’s possible they were even driving without insurance as the damage was not fixed.

Is this just a parts car? (though not sure what parts I would want from it!)

Because WHO in their right mind would touch this at auction? A 3 year old BMW with several thousand dollars worth of crash repairs that has probably never been serviced in it’s life. I cannot even imagine the financial pain this thing will cause for the rest of it’s life.

Sometimes it’s just better to put a dog out of its misery.

No. If they didn’t even bother to change the oil for 26,000 miles, they don’t get the benefit of the doubt.


I wonder if this car is totaled. Tons of damage plus no oil change in 26k miles which likely means there are some issues with the engine. I suspect the repair bill might be more than the car is worth, especially if all the repairs end up on the Carfax.

All we know is that poor decisions were made.

One doesn’t know another mans shoe size until they try it on. Have a little empathy.

They should have found a snowy off ramp or left it in a bad part of town

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Lol, maybe that’s how this happened (snowy offramp)

I think you’ll have to follow up and let us know what it does across the block.