Had to share how bad this lease return is

Found this 2017 BMW 440 Convertible on Manheim, listed by BMW Financial Services.

Original MSRP: $70,490


“slight scratch”

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where did they get that left fender? war?


Looks like it came from a 3rd Grade paper mache project.

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Should be able to buff that out pretty easy.


It’s just one panel

Sigh. I want one of these again. (Had one as a long term rental one time)

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And people complain about Tesla panel gaps!

well, the difference is Shitty repair job vs rolling out of the factory with 0 miles.

Looking at this again, look at all that overspray on the driver side headlight. I want to know who thought taking care of this in their garage with little to no experience was a good idea. It’s literally the entire driver side that’s screwed up with a paper mache front fender, or at least 3 cans of bondo and some duct tape

“Nah, you can hardly see it. Nobody will notice.”

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Years ago my wife’s grandmother got into a little fender bender, nothing major, just some scratches on a leased Civic. I don’t know the whole story but some neighborhood guys convinced her that they could fix it for cheap, and it ended up looking something like that.

That guy probably got lease protection too…

I should certainly hope so,

I don’t think lease protection will help you with a shoddy repair job. He probably would’ve been better off not touching it if that’s the case.

Yeah, I’m sure there’s some fine print that still obligates the lessee to proper repairs under insurance if needed. This guy just doesn’t care and probably had the money to cover it lol.

or he filed chapter 7 and it became someone else’s problem altogether.

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The dealer probably has a good story about this guy coming in to return it.

Coming to an Off Lease Only eBay auction soon. Low miles, one owner!


Owner can afford a 70k dollar vert, but can’t afford a paint job repair?

This is a nightmare.

How do we know if this is a regular lease return and not a repo

What a lovely car :grinning: