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Kicking off the official avocautos review page for our deals that will guac your world!

We’re loyal BMW and Audi enthusiasts with a passion for helping people navigate through the pitiful leasing process. We live, breath and drive BMWs and Audis, have taken multiple Performance Driving School courses, attended several Driving Experiences, and get serious avocauto bumps on our skins when talking about anything BMW or Audi-related!

We’re also very familiar with car leasing programs, where to target your negotiations, and how to leverage incentives to maximize your savings. Additionally, we’ve built great relationships with many dealers (over the course of ~9 years), which allows us to find the freshest deals. Our mission is to take the HASS-le out of the leasing process for you.

If you are looking for a BMW or Audi in CA, look no further than avocautos! We provide a smooth and easy experience for every client by helping them find the car they want and guiding them through the leasehacking process. We handle all of the deal-finding (previous deals here, for example) - all you have to do is sit back, relax and get ready to sign! No more wasting time haggling, ruining your weekends being bounced around at the dealership (while your salesperson “checks with their manager”), or driving around town only to come back exhausted and car-less.

What you can expect:


  1. Give us an idea of what you’re looking for in a car, which will allow us to kick-start the process and narrow your search.
  2. Depending on your timeframe, we’ll soon reach out with options, and be by your side to answer any questions with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.
  3. We’ll then work with you to finalize your choice, and connect you with the dealership once the deal is ripe for the picking.
  4. Finally, just show up at the dealership, finish paperwork, and drive off in your new car (or if possible, handle everything electronically and have it shipped for an additional cost)!


  • $99 upfront / non-refundable for the initial intake / search. This allows us to prioritize our waiting list and help buyers who are committed and ready to sign.
  • Then, an additional lease sourcing fee, after we have the final deal sheet from the dealer. This fee varies based on the car. Please contact us for details.

Send us a PM as soon as you’re ready to avocauto :avocado:. Let’s guac ‘n roll!
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Amazing service PERIOD!! I was not introduced to them via LH. A friend was in the process of getting a deal done with this service, but was unable to close… I got the call to step in. If you want the best stress free experience this is it…closed on my BMW last week. A big thanks to the folks at Avocautos.

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Thanks for the kind words - was a pleasure working with you. Hope you are enjoying the new 5-series! Please send us pics!

Great service and super quick! I found him on this forum and he helped me to get an amazing deal on a 2020 BMW M4 CS. Even though, I didn’t lease the car at the end (thanks to BMWFS). I am happy that he saved me from tiring back and forth with the dealership. I hope somebody from this forum is riding that car now.

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Thank you, Enes - very much appreciated. Was truly a pleasure working with you - really bummed it didn’t work out in the end. We’re here for you when you’re ready for the next one!

Love the name.


Fellow LHers, we are here because we want the best deals, and paying up front for a broker’s service may seem counterintuitive. With Avocautos help, I was able to get a great deal on a BMW. They are transparent and professional experts that look out for you every step of the way. A++ would come back for my next purchase.

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You didnt negotiate. The broker did

Congrats @kennzington on the beautiful new ride (and a killer deal)! Thanks very much for the kind words. It was so much fun working with you - laser-focused, knew exactly what you wanted and how to get there!

That car is beast! Enjoy - especially when they remove the limiter after the 1200mi service :wink: .

This is your man if you want a deal during the pandemic. I got myself a M340i where the deal is so good that even the sales manager gives you the… “you’re stealing our car” look. Avocautos response is fast and gets the job done. You tell him what car you want and he’ll do all the work for you. I saved myself at least $5000+ and it’s all thanks to Avocautos! Will definitely be returning back to him in the future if I ever need another BMW. Definitely recommended!

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Thanks for the very thoughtful review, @Chiuy - really means a lot! Congrats on that stunning M340i - such a nice color (and what a steal - right down to the wire)! Glad we were able to help and get you in before the end of the month. Can’t wait to see pics, so we can add you to our “Wall of Fresh Fame”! Looking forward to the next time you decide to avocauto :avocado:!

picked up the 740, thx HK, great service great price !

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Thank you, @kevinbai! Was a pleasure working with you and your company - very excited we were able to make this happen! Congrats, again, on the gorgeous 740i w/ M Sport (and the extraordinary deal) - that grille is so awesome! Talk to you soon in a few months for the next one ;-). :avocado:

Avocautos did an excellent job negotiating an excellent deal. Very professional and best of all transparent and readily available.

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Thanks so much for the kind words, @Iabmw. Glad you enjoyed the experience - always happy to help! :avocado:

Hi fellow LH’ers. Just got this premium package Alpine White 330xi in the Bay Area.

I have to stop here and just acknowledge that @avocautos is a master of his craft. Everything from negotiating numbers, to navigating visa issues and arranging doorstep delivery (50 miles outside the radius) was seamless.

Not only did @avocautos find the car that i was looking for, they got me the best numbers on it. I have contacted various brokers over the past few months but nobody has been as honest, as upfront and as efficient as @avocautos. It shows when someone cares about their clients and wants the best for them.

I would highly recommend @avocautos for your needs, especially during the pandemic. Top notch service and zero hassle.

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Wow - thanks so much for kind and thoughtful words, @asheus3! And congrats on the awesome new ride (and ripe deal)! It was truly a pleasure helping you - always great having such sophisticated clients, like yourself. Looking forward to the next time you decide to avocauto :avocado:! We’ll definitely be sure to add you to our insta Wall of Fresh Fame! Congrats, again!

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Amazingly easy transaction, Avocauto finds you the best deal ever, you walk into BMW and the sales representative hands you the keys (basically), no negotiating needed. HK/Avocauto is there to communicate with you and the dealer before during and after the transaction. Couldn’t be a better way to buy or lease a car… M4 CS in the garage only because of the deal he was able to get me…


You’re too kind, @Stephen1! Sincerely appreciate the thoughtful review. Was impressed with your decisiveness and ability to jump into action when the deal was ripe! Lots of fun working with you, and hope you’re enjoying the new ride, aka :panda_face:! Haha. Hit us up when you’re ready for the next one. Congrats, again - she is a beauty! :avocado: