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Hon residual - Rod here. I just wanted to apologize for the experience you had.

As I mentioned to you via PM, unfortunately Emmy and a few other colleagues have been furloughed due to the economic environment and COVID. We are operating with reduced staffing. Please accept our apologies that your message fell through the cracks and we did not respond in time.

I hope you enjoy your new car in good health and if there’s anything we can do to make it up please let me know. I sent you my contact info in the PM.

All my best,

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Had been dealing with Sam here in CA. Happened to get caught up with the COVID shutdown. He stuck with me throughout even though the dealership had a shakeup. Very good guy, a pleasure to work with. Met up with him today to pickup the car and everything went smoothly and the car is excellent. Will refer him unequivocally.

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Sam is the absolute best. I was in the market for a 2020 x3 but no rush. I had initially tried to negotiate some deals for myself before reaching out to Autopia and I couldn’t get anywhere close to what Sam was able to get me.

He was patient with all my questions and always took the time to make sure every detail I wanted clarification on was answered. He showed me a bunch of options available but since I wasn’t in a rush, we ended up doing a custom order. Even with Covid19 screwing up the timeline a bit, Sam was there to update me on the progress throughout every step and made me feel at ease going through him.

Once the Spartanburg plant was back open the production of the vehicle went through pretty quickly and delivery went without a hitch.

Needless to say I am very happy with my x3 and in 3 years time, Sam will be my first call for my next lease.

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Northern California. Besides leasing cars for my wife and myself, I have a few friends I help with car purchases/leases as an odd hobby since I like to think I’m pretty good at it and find it, usually, entertaining to negotiate car deals. One of these friends was up for a new lease but this time I really preferred not go to dealers. As an unrelated third party, salespeople are usually annoyed I’m there to begin with despite not really getting in the way of their sales pitch, but given Covid restrictions I wasn’t eager to go back and forth with a really, really annoyed salesperson. So had bookmarked this thread and told her “I’ve never used one but try this broker and let me see what deal(s) are being offered and I’ll let you know if you should go for it, if not we’ll go to the dealers together”.

I don’t know the exact timeline, I think about 24 hours, but in short order Rod found her two deals on 2020 BMW 330 loaners. Both great deals but the better of the two was $2K DAS, $408/month on a $48K MSRP 330i xDrive. And that’s with our area’s rather high registration fees and sales tax factored in. I replied “That’s a lot better than I was expecting and a LOT better than I’ll ever be able to negotiate - so if it’s the car you want, do it”.

Smooth, simple transaction to complete the deal. She said Rod even called her shortly before signing to help her navigate potential F&I upsells (she told my that they didn’t even try to pitch extra product, perhaps they knew she had been coached?).

Highly recommend this service.

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Just picked my 330i up today with Sam. Sam is definitely the person you should choose when considering leasing a BMW!

Sam’s price is very competitive, and his quote is quite straightforward, explained every detail.

I sent Sam more than 30 emails asking about the car delivery progress and random questions. He always replies to my email promptly(usually within 30 minutes) professionally, straightforward and patiently. Sam also drove me to the dealership and helped me inspected the car.

Thank you Sam for bringing the excellent experience!

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Just picked up a new 2020 BMW M550i through Sam!

Was in search for a new BMW and was searching this forum for some info on what leases were looking like. That is when I ran into a post who put me in contact with Sam. Sent him an email and got the first response that day within 10-15 min asking me what spec i was looking for and I was shocked at how fast he was ready to go and find me a new car. Lets just say Sam was still answering my questions at 2am some nights which I found amazing. Due to Covid dealers were a mess and finding this car (Which seems to not be available anywhere is the spec I was looking for) was a task that was much harder then I expected. Sam dealt with numerous dealers to find me the car I liked at an INSANE price that was much lower then anywhere else I’ve seen these deals posted on LH. Sam is so gracious and kind and wants what’s best for his customer and NOT the dealer. He will get you what you want and when you want it.

There were some mess ups with the dealer regarding the car and they were not in any rush but Sam kept on them. He even got the car shipped to SoCal from NorCal for me next day with no hassles. I was so amazed by the experience with Sam that I recommended my family friends to gets cars through him as well and they leased a 330i and 840i convertible through him the same week. This is what I call an efficient broker. Stop playing around with the dealers and get the deal you’ve always been wanting. I think the best part of this experience was through it all I got to know Sam on more of a personal level with many of the same interests in me. So not only did I get the car I wanted but gained a new friend as well.

Thank you Sam and be ready for the many new clients I will be suggesting you too!


I reached out to autopia and had a fast response from Chris. I wish i knew about Chris and autopia long ago instead of haggling with dealers myself.The process was super smooth, easy, kept me informed. He found the exact specs for the vehicle I wanted in no time. Most of all, got a great deal despite the covid situation. I want to thank Chris and would highly recommend him. Genuinely great guy and going to come back to him for my next ride!


Reached out to Autopia and met Sam about 1 year ago to the day. He helped me find the perfect deal on an M4 CS searching high and low as the 2019s were dwindling. Now a year later, and probably 50 car quotes later he just gave me the build code for our custom built 2021 X7. I always thought you could only get deals on lot cars, and building a car meant you had to pay near full MSRP for it. But thanks to Sam and Autopia I am patiently waiting for my custom car to come in next month built with everything my family needs, no compromises.
Dealer quotes have always come in at least $100-200 higher and the sales people that rarely put in the time for you.
Autopia is how all car deals should work. No haggling, no pressure, I ask how much a car would be, I get a price and it either works or doesn’t (as we all know leases are very different not only from manufacturer to manufacturer, but even car to car).
Cannot recommend Autopia enough. Ask for Sam. Tell him Roy sent you (which will probably be met by an “oh no” haha).

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Recently moved to CA and I am glad I reached out to Autopia. Chris replied immediately and we were able to find a fairly good deal on a 2020 330i based on my circumstance. My situation was complicated but Chris was courteous and helpful throughout the entire process. Did not have to negotiate with the dealership for a low-hassle experience. This is my first experience with leasehackr & Autopia, and it certainly won’t be my last. I would highly recommend Autopia. Thank you Chris and thank you to the Autopia team for hooking me up with a great car!


Just picked up my car two days ago. I worked with Chris and it was a fun experience. He is able to provide informative suggestions and help me land on a good deal. Also he got some crazy stories. Would recommend people to work with Autopia if you don’t want spend lots of time to go back and forth with multiple dealers.

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Thank you for the kinds words! Hope you enjoy your car in great health!

Wanted to thank Rod at Autopia for the amazing job he did in getting us an X7. The one we wanted was sold before the dealership could secure it. We ended up ordering one from the factory. Only took about 3 weeks to arrive at my home. It has every option we wanted. He answered all of my questions and was patient with me. Through no fault of his own the numbers changed and he stepped up and made up the difference. I will be using Rod again in the future when i replace my other car next year. Can’t say enough good things about the experience.

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Thank you for the kind words! Hope you and your wife enjoy the car in great health!

I tried to go it on my own. I learned what a good deal should be, but I didn’t know how to get a dealer to work with me on a lease. At the last minute I decided to reach out to Autopia and was promptly responded to by Sam.

Sam was extremely attentive and helpful at every step of the way. I let him know some of the criteria I was looking for and he went to work right away.

The entire process was wrapped up within a couple of days and my time spent with the dealership was down to about 15 minutes total. Everything was pre filled out, there were no upsells, no gotchas. The person I worked with at the dealership was also very attentive and nice. That too was a very different experience than the typical interactions I have had with dealerships where I feel like I am being evaluated for every penny i could conceivably give up.

It really was amazing. I can’t imagine leasing or buying another car without consulting Sam.

And to truly go above and beyond Sam facilitated my previous lease return. There was a little bit of body damage to the bumper but I felt the fee was insanely minimal ($100).

All in all, save yourself the time and effort. Work with this group, I can’t sing their praises enough.

EDIT: New car was a 2020 BMW 330i.

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Thank you for the kind words! Was a pleasure working with you. you knew exactly what you wanted and made it pretty easy for me! Hope you enjoy your new car in great health!

Sam is the man! I can’t even begin to explain how great he was throughout the entire process even when we hit some major issues. Put shortly - In our early conversations Sam mentioned that he “wants to treat his customers like how he would want to be treated as a customer” and that was reverberated through our entire experience with Sam.

I reached out to Sam in February and right off the bat, Sam responded almost instantly and provided me with available cars that may interest me but he insisted I only pick a car that met my exact needs. He wasn’t pushy and didn’t make me feel I had to buy a car right then and there. Given what was available, we decided a factory order was best to ensure I got exactly what I wanted.

Unfortunately COVID happened which caused some major issues with the delivery of the car from the dealership. Long story short - the dealership we worked with had some internal issues which meant the car was no longer available for us. The amount of work Sam put in after that to rectify an issue that wasn’t his fault really shows the type of person he is. We ordered a new car from a different dealership where Sam managed to get the same deal even though this was about 2 months later and the deals were starting to dry up post shelter-in-place (in CA). Sam even covered a portion of the mobile notary needed even though the issues were no fault of his own. He even double-checked to ensure I was okay with the front place license plate installed prior to shipment - if that doesn’t tell you his commitment to his clients then I don’t know what does.

Sam is literally available 24/7 and answered any and all questions throughout the entire process. I would never lease a car again without going through him. Sam took care of every aspect and updated us every step of the way. He doesn’t do high pressure sales tactics, offers no BS and was always transparent about what was going on. It was such a refreshing experience that I didn’t think was possible when getting a new car.

Please do yourself a favor, save yourself the headache of trying to deal with the dealerships and leave it to Sam and his team to take care of you.

Thanks again Sam. Hope you get to take that well deserved vacation soon!

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Appreciate the kind words sir! she looks STUNNING! Hope you and E enjoy it in great health! it was a pleasure working with you and glad it all worked out at the end!

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I’ve been using this forum as an incredible source of knowledge for the past couple of years, having been stung with a couple of bad deals over the years. Despite being far better armed with information, I decided to use a broker for my son’s new car.

I contacted Sam on Monday this week, at which point my son hadn’t even decided what car he wanted. It’s now Friday evening and my son has a new Kia Forte GT Line in the driveway.

I can’t speak highly enough of the service I got from Sam. Outstanding communication, immediate responses and he delivered exactly what he promised. You can’t really ask for more?

If you’re on the fence about texting Sam, hesitate no more. He will save you a ton of hassle and time, not to mention money.

First choice color wasn’t immediately available, but he tracked one down, kept me fully in the loop on timing and then said I’d be in and out of the dealer in 30 minutes. I think we were done in 28 :slight_smile:

I will 100% be using Sam again. Cheers buddy!

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Rod at Autopia was amazing again. He also assisted me in a factory ordered X7 which is amazing. I wanted a 3 series and talked to Rod. A day later we had agreed upon a vehicle that was on its way to the dealership. While I waited for the car to arrive at the dealer I decided that I wanted a 3 series with M sport and some particular packages. Rod worked with me for like a month to secure one. I felt like we talked and chatted everyday. He was more than patient with me. He searched and searched and for whatever reason the dealers were unwilling to trade the cars to the dealer we were working with. Finally he found one and its the one i always wanted and low and behold the car arrived yesterday. Can’t say enough good things about Rod. He is so patient and willing help when he can. In 3 years (probably less) when both my leases are up I will be calling Rod at Autopia.

edit: While I was having some difficulty contacting them, Rod was able to get the process back on track for me.