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Hello all - we have a few threads for SoCal and NorCal, so please be sure to check them for our latest deals. Compliments and constructive feedback is welcome here!

Best way to reach us is via text messaging at 323-918-5533.

Thank you!


I found Autopia on a thread for BMW’s and I am glad I reached out to him. My girlfriends dream car has been a Wrangler Unlimited and Autopia was able to get me the best price. He was extremely helpful, honest and incredibly responsive. Anytime that I would send him a text, he would respond within minutes. I was looking for an exact spec and color and he was able to find me the exact one for the best price. I would have got no were close to the deal he got me on my own. He was able to send me a copy of the lease paperwork and even went over it with me to make sure that all the numbers checked out. I was in and out of the dealer quickly as all the paperwork was ready to go thanks to Autopia. I definitely recommend him and I know he will get whoever uses his services a great deal.

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Thanks for the kind words! Hope you guys are enjoying the Wrangler!


Just wanted to drop a note about Autopia here. When looking for a BMW X3 M40i, Rod was incredibly helpful and professional about the search and getting quotes on the car. I can confirm he got THE best price I could get in the market. And that’s vs some very well respected guys on this forum. No BS, just straight fwd what do you want, and what quote you’re looking for. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in getting a car.

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Good experience in discussing possible lease choice. No pressure, quick communication. Polite manner, which I appreciate even more after talking to other brokers who forget that some clients would rather pay a bit more for better treatment.

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Sam from Autopia was fantastic in helping me secure a great deal on a brand new 2019 c300. He went above and beyond in engaging with me multiple times a day, answering countless questions and making sure I found a vehicle that I genuinely was happy with. I’ll definitely be working with him again for my next lease and am referring him to friends who are interested in leasing!

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Just wanted to post about a great experience with Autopia.

I initially found Autopia from one of the sponsored threads here on Leasehackr.

They posted a few interesting cars that I was considering, and Rod was extremely helpful in answering any questions I had as well as making sure I qualified for as many leasing incentives as possible.

After seeing the cars I was looking at in person, and realizing they weren’t for me, I ended up at an Audi dealership and really liking the SQ5. That day, Rod and I went over some #s using the Leasehackr calculator, came to terms, and he went to work. Within three days he was able to get me the exact SQ5 I wanted, and even came in about $30/month less than what I was hoping to pay.

I’ve already recommended him to several friends and one has already signed a lease agreement. He gives the type of service that makes you want to refer him to everyone you know. Great experience…thanks again Rod!

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I wasn’t able to put a broker review earlier because I didn’t have new thread posting privileges yet (had only been on the forums for a couple weeks maybe), but I also has a great experience with Rod with Autopia. Helped my wife get the exact Mini Countryman Hybrid she wanted last month at a price that we didn’t think was possible. He was the first to answer my wanted post on LH and we exchanged numerous emails and texts over the course of a week (might have been two). Answered all my questions honestly and quickly. The specific model, color, and options really limited the field, but in the end we got exactly what we wanted. Never felt pressured at any time, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. He will be my first call when it’s my turn to get a car. Thanks!

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Thanks so much for the review and the kind words! It was a pleasure working with you. Hope you’re enjoying your SQ5!

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Thank you Larry for sharing your experience with us! I’m really glad that we were able to help you and your wife! Hope you’re enjoying your Countryman Hybrid!

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I had a really great experience with Rod. He was very responsive and was able to jump on the phone if I had a lot of questions. There multiple numbers I had him run where he did not pressure me on at all. Would recommend.

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Thank you so much for the kind words! it was a pleasure working with you.


I have asked Sam Dibs from Autopia help me to find a very particular BMW X2. He did. I would argue that the process is as important as the outcome. Sam has always been nice and accessible, he politely and respectfully answered my dilettante and stupid questions.
The fact that so many “professionals” fail to understand the obvious correlation between providing a quality service and satisfied customer becoming a repeat and loyal one, has always perplexed me.
I have always wondered why many (not all) car salesmen are arrogant, rude and condescending, is it not self-evident that the more they bullsh…t therefore insult potential customers’ intelligence the higher is the likelihood of their failure and loss of earnings?
Sam from Autopia professionally, truthfully, honestly and (most importantly) respectfully explained, informed and guided through the process of leasing a car.
Next time I need a car I will defiantly give Sam a call, to do otherwise would be illogical.

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Thank you for the kind words! Was a pleasure working with you. Hope you enjoy the car in good health!


Sam has been great. I’ve been aggressively looking for a deal and working with Sam. He brought a soothing wave of calm to the ordeal. I appreciated his earnest approach and patience. A ton of patience!
and professionalism he brought to the table. How many other industries do you have where you pay to bring someone else on board so you don’t have to deal with them! We didn’t close today but next month is a new month with new possibilities.

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Working with Rod was a great experience! Just leased a 2019 740i here in Southern California and took advantage of a great deal. Rod was on top of it from the very beginning. I will be referring my brother and friends to work with him on their next leases.

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I am not from CA, Sam was helping me with my M3 deal. Provided me a lot info, answered all my questions day and night(yes he works 18hrs/ day).

Will definitely work with him for my next car.

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@autopia That’s true. Probably the hardest working broker in the business!!!

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Had a great conversation with Rod @ Autopia. He helped me out at every step for signing a deal for BMW X3. There are many people/brokers in this forum here who have helped others but Rod stand out for the fact that he helped me even after I told him that I found the car I like at another dealer and will be talking with them directly. He offered help to look at the papers making sure everything is correct, took the phone call, answered many questions without expecting any return. Truly a gem and hard to find broker that is truly and willingly helpful. I would certainly reach out to him whenever I’ll need another lease and this time I AM GOING TO SIGN THE LEASE WITH HIM PERIOD.

Thanks a lot buddy.


I just worked with Sam from Autopia and it was a great experience leasing a CX-5 GT with him. He really does work a lot, and it showed because we exchanged texts Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, you name it. I reached out to him initially, then did some more research by talking with dealerships directly, and then went back to him with my latest offer, and he beat it again. Got everything squared away for me very quickly, and it was a pleasure working with him. Super nice guy who is also very understanding and willing to do what it takes to get you a great deal. Will definitely reach out to him again when I’m leasing my next car. Thank you Sam!!!

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