Auto loan auto loan rates?

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend the best auto loan rates?
Car arriving in 3 months, putting at least 25 percent down.
Previous finance was through manufacturer (Subaru) and I’m going to keep the car instead of trade in. Rate was great. I doubt Porsche will be very competitive.

I’m looking at penfed and lightstream (SunTrust). The advantage of SunTrust is that it’s an unsecured loan and no lien on the vehicle.

I don’t belong to a credit union, but will gladly join . Home is with Wells Fargo, my professional organization has a partnership with bank of America.

And of course the market is taking a hit.

PenFed has great rates.
BoA and Chase also have extremely competitive rates


i second BofA and Chase from prime credit and good LTV.


I would suggest DCU, then either Penfed or USAA (if you qualify). DCU offers their best rates all the way up to 65 months and easy to join. Also, every person in America should have $1000 in a DCU 6.17% APR Savings Account ($1k Max). Though, with this recent Fed Rate cut I would expect to start seeing a bunch of 0% or 0.9% interest offers from Mfr’s on most models starting here real soon.

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Star One CU if you are in Northern CA

If you work at a school district, SchoolsFirst FCU is AMAZING. I think prime is at 2.14%

Thank you guys! Any more?

Consumers Union goes out to 84 months on vehicles up to 2014.

2.20 on US Bank
2.13 on PNC
1.49 on PenFed right now.

Credit Union, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo won’t go that deep though.

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That’s only when using their PenFed Car Buying Service though, right? Which doesn’t make sense.

I think so. No, it doesn’t make sense!

I work for a bank so i get the lower rate than market. and market is supposed to be pretty low in the next few months…so…looking forward to my 0 interest loan!

Sorry for the outdated bump.

How hard is it to sell a car with a lien to a private party? As easy as making sure a lender will allow the person assuming the loan to pay the payoff?

I intend to keep the car a long long time…but unsure if I’d want to upgrade it to…probably not going but just for that miniscule chance I’d like peace of mind.

If it’s a hassle, I’ll go lightstream just in case (rates are higher) …if not, penfed at 72 months, 2.99 looks great.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Why are you assuming anyone would want to assume your loan? Maybe they wanna pay cash or maybe they prefer a different lender.

Pay off your loan, remove the lien and get a clear title: bingo, you’re ready to sell to anyone.

Thanks for the reply. I was just curious as to the process. I’ve financed just two cars and still have them after payoff, I have not tried to sell during lien so the potential circumstance sparked curiosity

Listing rates without a term is somewhat meaningless. Just sayin’

Stanford Fed Credit Union - NorCal

Penfed just lowered rates. 2.14% for 36 months. 2.84% for 60 months. Even lower IF you use their car buying program. Hope to see manufacturers offer better terms.

Nobody is going to assume the loan.

How hard it is, in my experience, depends on who holds the loan. If, for example, you have it financed through a bank that has a local branch, it’s easy enough for the person buying the car to go with you to the branch, have them pay off the loan, and have the bank sign over where the title is going.

If it’s through another bank, it’s still doable, but not as easy.

It’s always more headache than you having the title in hand.

Looking at the name of the thread, here are two that I would recommend:

For longer term, best rate I know is the Carolina Cooperative FCU at 2.99% up to 84 months. Membership is open to anyone but takes about a week to become a member and get the loan approved.

For an PHEV or EV, DCU has 2.24% up to 65 months. Again membership is open to public but requires a few additional steps…

Hi moody! Thank you so much! Great rates!

I also found Delta community credit union for 2.08 up to 60 months, 2.48 for 72 and 2.88 for 84…

But I need to be a member of an organization or be in Georgia. Perhaps I can join creflo dollar ministry to be elligible.