Audi Q5 PP-good deal?

Got it. I might walk away. Before I do-he took off the resistall and dropped the tint to $200. Payments would be $613. Thoughts?

Although your deal is for 2020, to give you an idea of what has been possible (yes, 2019 and in November, but the Edmunds base MF/RV/incentives and current deals on 2020 you should be doing better): Signed 2019 Audi Q5 Premium Plus 36/10 $2000 DAS, $500 month - #6 by MashBoss

20% off would be $10301.

15%= $7725.75

Consider looking out of state/broker.

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That’s what I might need to do-broker. I think for this first time leasing I might be a little to ‘easy’ if you will. I really appreciate your and everyone’s knowledge and time!

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I would still walk. There’s no reason for the markup, even at how little they are trying to sell you.

Were you able to find some other cars through inventory?

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I’m rethinking all this and taking a break. Lol. I am going to keep reading and learning though.

Think about it this way: it is better to wait and get the deal you want than get burned on a deal that you are stuck with for at least 2-3 years!

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If you are not in a rush, you should try waiting it out for the Summer of Audi event. That is typically when incentives are at their best.

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