Audi Q5 PP-good deal?

Audi Q5 pp. MSRP-53,755, total price 51,505, rebates 6722, adjusted price 44,783, resistall 3yr/unlimited miles 650, tint 499, total price 45,932, tax fee 98, dealer service charge $599, Ga TAVT 1324.41, non tax fees 46, balance 47999.41. Lease is 36/10 zero down. $640/month. RF 56% and MF 0.00079. Thank you in advance. I tried the calculator and could not figure it out.

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I have not signed yet.

You will need to know the sales price of the vehicle before incentives in order to determine the strength of the deal. On first glace this looks awful.

I am new-what exactly do you mean by sales price? MSRP or subtotal once add ones and credits are placed? Thanks.

The dealer is not doing you any favors by including rebates or incentives from Audi - that money is paid by Audi. So if they are just giving you those manufacturer incentives, your actual sales price for the vehicle would be $53,755 at MSRP which is a lot of profit for them.

with a decent residual and strong MF they are ripping you off…cap cost reduction is only 4.2% pre incentive…you should be aiming for at least 8-9% off MSRP and then the incentives on top of that…you definitely have a lot of wiggle room on this deal.

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Ahh. Ok. I think I am starting to get the big picture. Thank you both! So the 8-9% should be off the $51,505 number? Because the convenience pkg credits are incentives?

noooo, shoot for 8-9% off of the $53,755 sticker price, then after that they should add in all the incentives…just a quick break down…ideally your pre-incentive price should be around $49,454 (8% off) then with incentives taken off come down to $42,732.6 before all of those little add ons

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Thank you!!! There is an art to this for sure! My head is exploding.

I disagree- it should be off the $51505 since that’s actually what is listed on the Maroney. Audi has been giving $1500 Convenience Package and $750 Convenience Plus Credits and that price is what is considered the “MRSP”.

That’s the price that will used to calculate the RV.

Take a look for buy rate MF, current incentives:


My bad I was not aware of those credits off of the MSRP of the vehicle.

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And i apologize-i didn’t know how to put that on. I should’ve screen shot the invoice. So the rebates and discounts of $6722 is good then? Off off the $51,505( after the 2 credits) And paying 640/month for 36/10k/no money down is a good deal then. Again i try to put into calculator and i come up whacky.

Maybe just me, but Resistall (no idea what this is) and Tint totaling $1149? I would take both of those off the deal.

If you want to do the tint, go to a reputable tint shop in your area. Most likely, it will be a better quality job and probably cheaper than that.

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Thanks. If i can get those 2 things off then good deal? I believe he is doing a trade. It seems the lighter interior i want is hard to come by…

It is better, but I wouldn’t sell yourself on the rarity of a lighter interior

Have you checked AutoTrader or Audi’s Inventory Website? Plug in the packages/specs and it will show you the vehicles matching in your area. For these to be useful, I would just start at exterior and interior color and see what is pulled up.

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I will do that now. Thanks.

Hi there, I took a stab at a calculator work up based on your details and what I assume GA taxes are?

Couple of comments - the sales price is $51k, the credits are already baked in as @calbear correctly noted . A Q5 deal really only makes sense if you can get as close to 15% off as possible. With the add ons included and incentives, you are at 10%. Personally, I don’t care for dealers who play games like showing a bigger discount and then clawing it back with useless junk. I would walk away but if you really want this unit, the best you can do is push for more discount to negate those charges.


I concur- I would walk from this deal. Definitely, ditch the pure profit reinstall + tint.

Target discussions for 20% (super-aggressive), but very unlikely at this time of the year and lack of big incentives/rebates vs stealerships ~ 10% offer and then see if you can meet in the middle ~ 15%.

The OP may want to consider hiring a broker to get a better deal.

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Plus one…

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Plus two… Maybe it was the dealer that was telling OP that the interior color has wanted was rare?

For reference: I didn’t say it was a good deal, just better without all of the markups.

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