2020 Audi Q5 Premium Plus - Good deal?


Question for you guys. Is it ever a good idea to simply send an email to the car salesman asking to reply with a quote and show me the MSRP, Sales price, manufacturer incentives, dealer incentives, MF, and residual amount?

Sure… but only AFTER you already know what they should all be.

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I have got below deal. Is it good?

5.5K down
12K Miles
36 months
MSRP -53,000

5.5k down LOLOLOL.



Not even remotely.

What would good deal look like? How much down i should pay.

If you search on here, you’ll find several q5 deals you can reference as well as some great info on how to calculate, structure, and negotiate a lease

You need to re-read leasing 101. Putting money down on a lease is never recommended for a lot of reasons.

Cool. I am leasing for first time and so still learning how this works. Will do some reading. Thanks for all the reply.


Is this a good deal? White Q5, black interior, black optic pkg, $2500 towards taxes and Fees, $519 per month. 10k miles 36 month term.

You need a lot more information to evaluate this.

Trim level? year? MSRP? Selling price? Incentives you qualify for? MF they’re charging? Base mf? Local tax rate?

Hi, I have a Q5 lease due 4/30. Whats the best I can get into another one for? Low DAS, 840 credit score 10k mi yr, 36 mo.
Or…any other like sized…Jag, Alpha Romeo, Volvo t60?

It’s a 2020, Premium Plus, MSRP $51,095, Sale Price is $46-$47k, Lease cash is $1250, MF is .00058 and RV is 56%. I am located in NJ, 07728. Tax rate is 6.625%.

So 8ish% pre-incentive discount, assuming .00058 is buy rate. How does that compare to the other Q5 leases you’ve seen on here/posted by brokers on here?

Below is the deal i got

2020 Audi Q5 - premium plus Brilliant Black w/Black optic package
36 months
500/month w/tax
3.5K down
12K miles
MSRP 52,600
Sell price - 47K
3 year Audi care included with dent protection

Is this a good deal?

What incentives are included? What MF are they charging? What is buy rate mf?

Money factor- 0.00108
Residual value - 55%


Is .00108 buy rate?

Whats the buy rate? incentives are factored in and the sales price is 47K

Separate them out. It’s very difficult to compare deals against other deals with different incentives rolled in. What may be a great sales price for some is horrible for others if they don’t qualify for the same incentives.

Buy rate is the mf set by the bank. Dealers often mark up the money factor to make more profit on the back end.

Ultimately for comparing deals, you want to look at the pre-incentive sales price adjusted for buy rate mf. No other comparison is really worth while.