Aston Martin Vantage Roadster lease/discount off sticker?

Looking for new '21 Vantage Roadster. (MSRP 188k). Quoted 1850/month for 42 months (7.5k miles/yr) with 30k upfront (inc. NY taxes). How much off of sticker is appropriate for 21 Vantage roadster?

Everyone will have different opinions on what a “good” deal is for any given car. At the end of the day, it comes down to how you feel about it. Here are some Lease 101 tips that we’d recommend:

Yes but I am finding it difficult to research what others are paying thats what I’m asking. By “good” I do not mean you should tell me if I should do it, just what is market value on this car. What is a deal where I did not leave a ton of money on the table?

The best way to find out is using the “Search” function on the forum. I know there were a few demo Aston Martin’s posted on the forum. You should also figure out buy-rate MF and RV through Edmunds’ forums as well.

There may be brokers and dealers on the forums that could provide some more detail, but nobody will be able to tell you “here is the deal you should target.”

Understood, thanks. I understand nobody can tell me the deal I can target, but in broad strokes, are these cars that are usually discounted off the lot? I’ve looked the few that have been posted and it seems some are, but they were generally demos or year-end deals, and very few roadsters.

Not a lot of data points on Aston Martins. Do you have a breakdown of the deal such as pre-incentive sale price?

Unfortunately, there is no info on the Edmunds forum.

Your best bet is to work with a broker who deals with this brand.

@nycarguy - Was this you?

Yeah I think the quote was just for sticker, possible a few grand less but nothing significant. I’ve matched up RV and MF with the Edmunds, unfortunately base MF is .0021. That’s why I was wondering—broadly speaking—if these cars are generally discounted, as my impression was that they were.

Yes I had thought Edmunds forum was empty as you did but there’s another one which worked.

Most likely this is not a thing with Aston Martin, but ask if you can do MSDs. Again, somebody that knows the brand best would be able to answer to if this is possible.

Maybe a previous model year or demo.

Here is a deal from.last June for comparison. It was not on a roadster but it might help you.

Yep, thanks. This is probably a good comp. Not looking at previous model years or demos but this one doesn’t seem to be either.

Only person here that can help you is probably @fredyge94

Nope. Chase does not do MSDs.

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Agreed. OOS is possible from @legendsauto, but un likely since it’s the 30th and they’re based in CA.

Have you looked at Miller Motor Cars.

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Haven’t pursued Miller yet because I’m not interested in any of their inventory at this time. I assume convertibles will continue to come in over the next few weeks/months, maybe they will have one that I like.

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Never assume. When I worked for BMW, people assumed we would get more 4 series convertibles and the factory stopped production early. People assume we will get more 911 Turbos for stock but there is a year long wait list with another name being added every week.

Fair. My impression was there is not so much demand for these (not like 911 turbos or anything) and I have seen them coming in recently (there were none not that long ago). But I really have no idea for sure.

Do you have any idea what the market is like off MSRP for vantage convertibles?

May not be a lot of demand but there isn’t supply either. A quick search of shows only 9 cars within 250mi of NYC. There may be more but with very limited supply…

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