ARIZONA Toyota Special Lease Offers

Ill send you a PM

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I feel like we have gone down this road before… the links are from Toyota Corp. It is literally impossible to change/add/etc. this is purely to show the options of the truck. It’s the easiest way to display options.

Yes you need to sign into the site. Login is required to stay Toyota Complaint

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What does 233/203 mean above the SE?

No MSD / MSD. Send me a PM and I can send you more info. I have a few available

Tundra inventory is running light. With the Toyota Production Closure inventory is going to be tough through Mid to Late May.

When you visit AZ have to check out cool stuff

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Is that the scorpion crusher :scorpion:

SHERP. IDK much about it but my buddy wanted to go see them

Tundras are drying up fast. Send me a PM or check the site for details. After this batch nothing till late May.

1 left
SR5 Base with TRD Exhaust

May/June US BANK Residuals. Residuals are 15k

TFS Standard Rate Increase


I was able to trade for a Base SR5. Should be there this evening

Tundra SR5 – Gray

Updated this months pricing.
Tacoma Tundra Inventory almost doesn’t exist. No new shipments till June.

4Runner Pricing is very good this month.

Yes been seeing them starting to move pretty quick now that Tacoma’s are gone to. Not much left to sell if tundras and Tacoma’s are gone.

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There are still people looking for cars etc. The 4Runner is popular in AZ too. Toyota just needs to kick production into overdrive.

What 4runners do you have available?

All posted on my site. Pretty much every trim available.

Any good one pay deals on 4Runner? How does USBank react in the even of a total loss during the term do they refund you the difference or tell you to kick rocks?

Us bank doesn’t offer a 1 pay option.

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How about TFS?

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Sure but right now the us bank deals are so good it won’t make sense to 1 pay TFS. I just ran a scenario and its still like $65 a month more equivalent with TFS 1 Pay.

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