ARIZONA Toyota Special Lease Offers

Coming Summer 2020 Available only in Hybrid

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hope the Sienna is on the tech level of the Pacifica, and nice to see it all hyrbid and getting 30+mpg

Venza looks to be an NX - which would mean smaller than the previous Venza model

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Are you out of Tundras? Don’t see any on the site anymore

Totally out. Its NUTS! Tacomas and Tundras sold out. Hoping late next month to have inventory.

Totally understandable, these Tundra/Tacoma deals are a crazy bang for your buck

Not a ton has been happening in AZ with Super Limited Inventory. Tundras are starting to come back. Hoping to offer betting pricing on all models are inventory increases.

Heres a good one.

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Heres another that needs a new home. Rare Build

Tacoma Offroad Premium Manual 4x4 Access Cab

Hi Cody,

Is this one still available?

Hey Cody! I just signed up for your website. I’m interested in a few.

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FYI, The website is still showing California cities for the taxes. As someone who has never leased, how is US Bank able to offer deals that are so much better than their competitors?

It is just who sets the residual (predicted future value). US bank in some cases is much higher than other banks, like the tacoma SR

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You might be on the CA site if seeing CA cities.

TFS Programs change tomorrow. US Bank Program unchanged

Its definitely the AZ site. My confirmation email has arizona in the URL to activate the registration

Interesting. Tests fine on my end. Ill look into it.

Works fine for me - I see AZ cities.

Hi guys. Mine shows CA cities as well and i’m in AZ. Thank you Cody.

Do you have any Supras?

None right now. A lot of them have been preselling

Pricing is starting to get better with inventory arriving. Tacoma deals are looking good. Large Tundra Shipment Next week.

Heres a good one for you.
Tacoma SR5 Long Bed 4x4 - 295

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