ARIZONA Toyota Special Lease Offers

I am working on getting all deals together but starting with the big ones Tundra,Tacoma,4Runner. I will have another version of my website available for Arizona Deals. For now I will post photos and spec sheets.


All vehicles include Tint and Door Edge Guards at no cost. Doc fee is calculated in the drive offs ($498)

As always:
Do Not Contact Dealership Direct.
Pricing on the list is ROCK BOTTOM
All deals must be signed in store. No more Fedex deals.
No out of state deals (This might change soon)

Here is my info:
Cody Carter
714/397/4829 cell or text ok.

Mileage options available (varies per model) 7.5K,10K,12K,15K,20K

Pricing based on 720+ (Tier1+) credit scores
Toyota Allows up to 9 MSD .00008 Reduction PER MSD (No you can’t use on .00001) MSD OPTION COMING SOON
Additional Rebates Vary by Bank:
College Grad $500 available
Active Military $500 available
No Conquest Rebates with Toyota

US BANK AND TFS Deals available


Tundra Offroad 4x4

Tundra SR5 4x4

Tundra Offroad 4x4 - SOLD

Tundra SX 4x4

Sick deals brother! Best of luck!

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Cody, glad you can get us some deals in AZ. Is this going to be going forward or just while you are here? Thanks.

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This will be moving forward as well. I just won’t be in store on regular basis. Someone else will handle paperwork and delivery.

My brother hopefully will be taking over in store next month after hiring freeze.


Yes, finally some AZ love. What duration/mileage match those numbers you are posting? How much does tax usually add in az?

Send me a PM for details. To stay Ad Compliant.

AZ tax is based on base monthly payment

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I’m very excited about this, and I’ll tell all my friends. Hoping to be picking up a Tundra myself before summer is over. Just need the social distancing to end so somebody will buy my current car.


Website should be rolling tuesday/wednesday for AZ Inventory.

Tundra inventory is killer. Plenty of everything else as well. Send me PM with which vehicle and miles you are looking for.

Tundra Crewmax:

SR5 Bench / Steel Wheels: Black, White, Cement

SR5 Upgrade / Alloy Wheels / Convenience Package - Cement

SX Package - White

TRD SPORT - Sold Out


Here’s a couple Tacoma Access Cabs. They don’t lease as good as double cabs but they are unique

Tacoma Access Cab 4x4 4Cyl

Tacoma Access Cab TRD Offroad 4x4

Tacoma Access Cab 4x4 V6

Tacoma Double Cab SR5 V6

Tacoma Double Cab TRD Offroad MANUAL

Tacoma Double Cab TRD Offroad 4x4 Auto

Are truck sales in AZ slowing? I refuse to believe this.

Truck sales are typically good in AZ. But in general most dealers are slower during this virus

I am superexcited about this. Have waited so long for AZ have deals.

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Website is up and rolling. You will need to create a login to view deals. This will keep me compliant with Toyota Policy. Don’t worry NO SPAM EMAILS ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am still working on adding 4x2 Tundra / 4Runner / Sequoia / Supra / Avalon deals. I should have them added this evening.

All vehicles include Tint and Door Edge Guards at no cost. Doc fee is calculated in the drive offs ($498)

Let me know if you have any questions.


Great site @Cody_Carter

Is this for AZ or CA? All the cities/towns listed are CA when selecting taxes.

Not sure if he updated since you posted but I see AZ cities now. This is a sweet site, trying to convince myself I don’t need another car/truck right now but so tempting.

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This is amazing! You moving back to AZ?

I’ll be working remotely for now. Everyone wants me to move back but I can’t survive the heat. :grimacing:

Taxes should be set up for AZ.


Is this Camelback or Big Two?

This is so exciting! Finally some AZ deals! Signed up for site :+1:

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