ARIZONA Toyota Special Lease Offers

Neither. Camelback blew me off till the last day of my trip. Also laid brother off the day I arrived.

Rolling my first Tundra AZ deal today!

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Earnhardt, final answer!

Yep I am working for Earnhardt :stuck_out_tongue:

My Buddy is the Internet Director so it was an easy in.

I am the only one at the store using US BANK… So all deals need to go through me.

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Thats hilarious. I reached out to earnhardt a few days before you posted this asking if they could do us bank and they said yes! Now you posted !

Yep been working on setting up a deals for a few weeks :stuck_out_tongue: They aren’t as familiar with using it but I have done hundreds of deals. So it helps for me to oversee it so there aren’t any contracts held up.


You are the man, Cody!

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Sweet! Your buddy referred me to Ruston R to do my Bolt deal in Jan at Earnhardt Chevy. He was solid and it was a great deal.

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I’m not in the market right now but your prices look really good especially compared to how bad deals are in Arizona.

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@Cody_Carter RE: Tundra’s, I 've been trying to figure out all of the possible options but Toyota’s builder is kind of confusing. Are there any trims below Limited that come with leather on the site (TRD Sport, Off Road, etc)?

There is the option of SR5 with leather. Not too common as it’s new for 2020

@Cody_Carter So I can get an SR5 with leather, but not a TRD Sport or Offroad with leather? Is that correct?

That’s correct. I wish leather was available in the TRD models

@Cody_Carter no doubt, that would be a solid combo. I am thinking about doing a TRD Sport and then maybe adding Katskinz, but then I don’t know if that totally voids lease out. Unless I buy it out… anyway, best to contact you via the site or PM for current color/option combos available?

PM is fine

Heres a few over optioned Corollas that need a home. Working to see if I have anything else to add as well.





Both have Window Tint and Door Edge Guards included free

My site is going through update so pricing won’t be listed for next couple hours.

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A corolla is almost $29k! Wow

Haha someone wasn’t paying attention to the allocations… I didn’t even know that JBL was a real option on Corolla :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll be in store Monday - Thursday. Tundra and Tacoma Inventory is very good right now so let me know if you want to set something up while I’m in town. Or my partner can help like normal. :grimacing::+1:


Finally got the spec links to work in AZ. Tundra inventory is good. Heres a few examples.

Tundra Crewmax SR5 4x4

Tundra Crewmax SR5 4x4 with TRD Exhaust

Tundra Crewmax SR5 with Alloy wheels/SR5 Upgrade/Convenience Pkg

Tundra Crewmax Offroad 4x4

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Hey Cody, what’s the DAS for the last link, Crewmax Offroad 4x4?