Anyone leased a 2019 Mazda 3 yet?

Just curious if anyone has tried to lease the new Mazda 3. I know the Mazda 3’s tend not to lease well, but curious if anyone has tried one yet. Thanks.

It’s going to an absolutely hideous lease. Buy one if you are set on it

Define “Hideous”. I mean, I know they’re not going to be great, Mazda never is. But I don’t see it being hideous.

Think nearly 0 discount, no incentives, etc. You’re better off buying it

If this helps , I leased mazda 3 in 2016 . It was the base model for $180 tax 10k/36 and service included. Paid $700 out of pocket including registration and fees . I loved the low monthly payments on the car .

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Not sure there will be an option for a $180 month lease on the new models since they increased the price so much. Spoke to a dealer today and they don’t have the residual or MF defined as of yet for the 2019 3.

Any luck on a decent deal? Preferred package and premium package AWD Residual is 53% for 36/10 with $720 lease cash. I want payments to be under $320/month, but I’m not sure if Mazda will budge on MSRP.

There’s also a $500 incentive for chase customers. Combining the low MF and both incentives I think a decent Mazda 3 deal could be had this month. I’ve seen on other sites that people are buying the car for MSRP out the door so I think it’s possible to aim for 10% off MSRP as a selling price.

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For $320, there are sooooo many cars out there that are much better. You could likely get close to that, if not there, on a base-ish T5 FWD S60, especially with Costco cash, for instance.

Seems unreasonably high for a car in the class of a Mazda3


I’ve been looking around and the only cars I have interest in is a c300, new A class, new BMW 3 series, or a4 but all those lease much more especially with the higher packages. At least this Mazda 3 at premium package provides everything I’m looking for at a somewhat decent price. My goal is to be under $300 easily. Gonna talk to them and see if I can work a deal, especially with the $500 chase incentive if that’s true.

You’re all over the place and those cars are apples to the orange Mazda.

Why not just get a better deal on a different car? Even $300 is way too expensive for a Mazda 3.


Have you even scene this model? It’s nicer than a base c class. There’s nothing else out there that catches my eye

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Prices should calm down in a couple of months - probably the end of summer - back to more reasonable (for Mazda) levels. It’s just too new right now and zero incentive to move inventory because those that want the new model, are most likely buying it.

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Probably not gonna happen with any of the cars that you mentioned. Your best bet is to swap into a C class transfer.

Have you also budgeted for how much insurance will cost?

Yea no chance with any of the cars mentioned, even with my corporate discount. Yea, factored insurance. Currently paying $295 on my genesis so I’d like to stay in that ball park. This car reslly impressed me for the $28k price range. Very luxurious and has all features I’m looking for, so it’s on my list and have 2 lease payments left so I’m shopping around. Maybe I should wait another 2 months as mentioned above, since I’m in no rush.

I am looking at a 3 yr lease with 15k miles per year , no money down , Mazda 3 with select package . The dealer offer is 300/mo including tax , no money down . What do you hackers think ?

Need to provide MSRP, selling price, RV, MF etc

MSRP 23520 , Sale price 19875 , Mf .0010 . Residual 49%

The MF seems marked up. Looking on Edmunds forum the MF for the sedan is 0.00001 (people have double checked it is indeed super low) and the hatch is 0.00026.

If you’re in a region with the $720 lease incentive you should be able to get significantly better numbers given the great sale price you’ve gotten. Here’s the calculator with your sales price, lease cash, & the chase bonus with a your sale price on a sedan.