Mazda bonus for Chase customers


FYI for people who are Chase customers and looking to get a Mazda, there’s a $500 bonus available through Chase. You don’t have to finance through Chase; the financing is through Mazda.

I received this in an e-mail:

Here’s the disclaimer at the bottom:

By accepting this offer, Mazda and the dealer will know that you are a Chase customer and that you may meet other eligibility requirements.

1 Mazda will provide $500 toward the purchase or lease of any new 2018 or 2019 Mazda vehicle financed through MCS. New loans and leases are subject to credit approval by Chase. Additional terms and conditions apply. See your Mazda dealer for details. Chase Customer Loyalty Reward offer is from Mazda. This Chase Customer Loyalty Reward offer can be combined with Mazda’s other public offers (see for details) and the Mazda Military Bonus private incentive, but cannot be combined with any other private incentives, including any Mazda Loyalty Rewards.

One Chase Customer Loyalty Reward offer per customer, per vehicle. Transferable within the household (buyer must live at the same address). No cash value. Apply the Chase Customer Loyalty Reward offer to the purchase structure, or as a capital cost reduction for leases. The Chase Customer Loyalty Reward offer expires July 31, 2019. See participating dealer for complete details. Mazda North American Operations is solely responsible for fulfillment of this offer.

This offer may be discontinued by Mazda at any time without notice.

2 Offer good on any new 2018 or 2019 Mazda vehicle.

Anyone leased a 2019 Mazda 3 yet?

Too bad there is barely any lease cash on Mazda’s in the Northeast


Mazda Financial = Chase


How do you get this offer? Do you have to sign up somewhere or get a rebate code?


Chase sends it to Chase customers. You can’t sign up or get a rebate code


^Right. If you didn’t get the e-mail you’re out of luck.

They did $500 only on Mazda 6 before now its all.

Chase should send out extra money on JLR.


@AP919 are you planning on using yours? If not, I’d love to put it to use !


@Pende002 While I am definitely not buying an overpriced Mazda, the offer definitely has my name and address on it, so it’s non-transferable.


I tried adding it to one of the Mazda deals in the marketplace. No dice.

  1. find out if he’s rich first
    If yes:
  2. marry him quick
  3. let him use said coupon
  4. divorce him and take 50% of his wealth.

act broke if ya like her — act rich if you trnya hit it and quit it

  1. He’s not rich if he’s buying a Mazda 3. :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. My mother “taught” me to only marry a rich guy who is half dead and has no family. Then, I can take it all!

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Thats just bad advice –


Ah! Thanks anyways then!

Also, I’m not poor, but not rich… I’m also a woman so… you know. If you’re into that Kind of thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oooops…my fault for assuming most of the people here are guys and stereotyping due to it being a car centric site

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You just really wanted it to happen in the backseat. [Bad joke]

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I shall refrain from saying anything further on the matter before I get in trouble! :angel:

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My point exactly!


Haha no worries and understandable! I’m just a woman trying to not get screwed by a dealership AGAIN when they think I don’t exist and only introduce themselves to my husband :unamused::unamused:

@AP919 if you’re not using it maybe I could at least give it a shot… as they say, trying is free!


I see it’s only transferable in the household- thanks anyways!!!