Any success leasing a 2020 BMW X6?


I’m in Vegas and we have 2 BMW dealers with a whopping grand total of 3 sitting on the lot. Going to start reaching out to some so cal dealers as a few have the color combos and packages I’m interested in. Before I start down that journey has anyone had success hacking the 2020 x6? I’ve only seen 1 or 2 posts. Since the 2020 is a remodel I don’t know how well this car will lease. I’m not too interested in any competitors either. If the conclusion is a deal can be had, I’ll post some numbers when I get them.

Very low inventory across the board. Not the best time to lease it, to be honest.

Let us know how it goes!

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I started a new thread that was locked, sorry will post this in here then.

This is in Vegas. How awful is this deal? I’m new to leasing this will be my first. I understand I’m looking at brand new re-model in a hot segment so I’m not looking for a unicorn. I was dealing with the GM and they seemed to have very little interest moving the unit and let me walk easy. I’m not an expert but MF seems really bad. According to him .00152 is “base” and he couldn’t do a better deal than what’s in front on me.

MSRP $74,695
Selling price: $68,175
MF .00172
Residual ?? He didn’t provide this
15k miles 36 months
Loyalty - $1,250
$2000 DAS

This is… bad, like s class or 7 series money. Why not ship a deal from east coast? They can be had for like 800/mo.

Try to look out dealers outside of the area or contact a broker.

That deal is definitely not the way (especially with the marked-up MF).

Would like to see what others’ experience have been with this given the 2020 refresh. I am a big fan of the re-design. Would really like to get an X6 M50i at some point this year. Hoping incentives get better on these later in the year, especially with the X6 M hitting dealers now. I test drove one last weekend and it’s an absolute blast. The M50 is the “happy medium” powertrain in my opinion. Nice noticeable pickup from my 6 cylinder but not the full crazy price tag of full M model.

Here in SoCal the inventory on the M50i’s seem to be pretty sparse - guessing they are not getting a lot of them and what they are getting are selling well…

In the future, you should know the answer to this before ever reaching out to a dealer.

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Really bad, brother. As suggested, contact dealers out of state

It’s almost double 7-series money.

I’ve been working with a broker on here and had a deal lined up was about to fly to cali tomorrow to pick it up but apparently the car sold today. It was 855/mo 72k msrp for 15k miles/36. Unfortunate, getting a tad bit frustrated but I don’t have an expiring lease so I don’t need the car immediately. Will keep hunting, stay tuned.

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Hi everyone - so I picking up my 2020 BMW x6 m50i tomorrow at noon. I ordered it 3 months ago so dont know how it would be to try to walk into a dealer and buy one. Also, not sure if I even got a good deal, but i think i did. Yes its alot of money -im well aware, but i have it so keep the comments to yourself.

MSRP- $99,975
Net cap cost (preice im buying it at) $92975
DAS - 2400
miles: 12k/year
Monthly payment :$1266/month
Residual: $55,650
This was fully specd out by me and delivered within 90 days.

Im excited - again not 100% sure if I could have gotten a better deal or not but whatever. good luck everyone!

Then what’s the point of posting this on a forum for public discourse?

It is but if you are happy with the deal and the car, then good for you.

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my point being is that if you plan on buying this model bmw you have to expect to pay luxury & performance car prices - but i did want the people who were interested in leasing this model to have an idea of what they were walking into

Do you think big difference than 2020 vs 2019?

the body type changed from 19-20 (i think for the better) you could probably get a decent deal on the 19’ though right now. may be worth looking into if you dont mind last years body style

Your discount is barely 7%. As a point of reference, one of the brokers was advertising 11.5% on all 2020 customer orders: 🚨 AutoLeaseNinjas March BMW Deals! 12%+ Off ALL 2020 NEW BMWs, 11.5% off Custom Orders!.

So are we allowed to comment on your deal to help others or still no?

Also ‘net cap cost’ is not the ‘price you’re buying it at’, it’s the net cap cost. What you’re looking for is the agreed upon value of vehicle from your contract.

Oops. I missed the memo :slight_smile:

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