Any Charger Daytona 392 Deals Out there?

I have seen a lot of Scat Pack deals but not the Daytona 392.

Any deals out there?

The best I could project based on current Truecar Pricing was approx…

$499 ~ $520mo 36Mos/10K depending on options with out of pocket for initial fees only.

Problem seems to be with the unrealistically high MF of 0.00200~0.00220

That is pretty much Hellcat money, I would look into buying those I have seen deals around 37-38k to buy.

Can you show me where to find that hellcat?

Thank you for providing the link. I have read through that entire thread…looks like its almost impossible to get those deals currently. But I look forward to continuing my search for a $500 hellcat.

That hellcat deal just does not seem realistic anymore.

Also that original posting is already 5 months old.

Less than a month ago, this person got a great deal.

That’s a Challenger not Charger.

Challenger residuals and MF are better.

Also heavier in supply than demand.

I have searched multiple dealers in my local area and all of them have between 5~10 units of left over 2016 Challengers.

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There really weren’t any 17’ HC deals @ that price.

There were a few 16’s that dealers whored out to make that happen.

Final pay is next month so get the 16’s while you can/

Im excited and nervous to see what happens with our search for a 2016 challenger/charger Hellcats

Thoughts on a new 2018 Charger Daytona 392 for $372/mo (with $4,898k down), $433 with $0 down?

It seems Dodge is running a deal on the Daytona 392 only, a comparably equipped regular Scat Pack is $409/month with $4,898 down $579/mo with nothing down. The Daytona 392 (as equipped) was $4k more MSRP than the regular scat pack ($48,000).

Both leases calculated at 36 months - 10k miles per year

Is this a good deal you think? I’ve never leased before but I like getting new cars every 2 years or so and don’t drive very much in a year. Don’t think I can come anywhere near this (total cost) on a purchase and finance for a 2018.


It seems high to me based on comparable purchase prices seen elsewhere on here but I am a newbie trying to wrap my head around all of this. What was the sale price vs MSRP? The thing that scares me about putting that much down on a lease is that if you get in an accident the lease company get’s the insurance payment on top of what you paid down ahead right?

So right now on the 2018s there’s almost no rebates/incentives. $1,250 is all they’ve got going. The lease includes $2250 bonus cash. It’s weird because the Charger Scat Pack (cheaper and 'worse) has a lease payment that is over $150 more a month. If I could find a 2017 Scat Pack I could get probably 7-8k off msrp purchase (no idea what a lease would be) unfortunately any 2017 Scat Pack available is outside my price range. The 2017 Daytonas without Harmon Kardon Audio (as spec’d in this build) are $41k after discounts. I was looking for $10,500 net diff between trade (my '15 Challenger RT) and new. Unfortunately no 2017s spec’d as I want will fit that bill in my area.

Dodge updated the incentives again, took another $500 off (regional), and didn’t change the MF. This can’t be a mistake!

Hey Everyone,

So every dealer is claiming that that (still shown) .00017MF is a mistake. I have a dealer that offered $585/month all in (taxes, title, fees) for a Daytona 392 (MSRP of 51k), 36 months 10k miles a year. Is that a good/okay deal? 585 seems like a high payment but that’s with $0 down and like I said, all the taxes and fees rolled into the payment.

I’d hope to get about $9k back from my currently owned vehicle too.

I got a quote for $566 36/10k on an SRT 392 the other day. In SoCal

All-in? (Taxes, fees, etc)?

I wonder how much of a difference the MSRP makes when leasing. The Charger I ‘want’ is a Scat Pack with Suede, Beats and Driver Confidence. It comes out to be $44,675 MSRP, so it would be nice (and logical) if I could get that for a payment in the low $500s vs the 585 I was quoted for the other one.

I believe the SRT 392s have a better money factor than the scat or Daytona (despite the website still showing a crazy low MF for the Daytona. I also think the SRTs cost more to insure unfortunately.

Honcker is showing 2018 Charger Scat Pack 10K/36Months MSRP : $47,110 for $470/Month with $1,723 due at signing. NJ Sales Tax of 6.875% included in monthly payments.

Wanted to refresh this thread, any deals on the 2018 daytona 392? I’m working with a dealer but at $589 per month with 0 down so far, still working on it.

Here are the numbers I received (phx,az), salesman informed me payment includes taxes. Trying to get closer to $500 but they’re not budging, going somewhere else. Any thoughts?

0 down - Payment: $583-$593
10k miles per year
39 months

MSRP 49,825
selling price 44,600
rebate 3,250
gov fee 715.05
proc/doc fee 449.95
capitalized taxes 81.25
cap cost reduction 3,250
adjusted cap cost 44,155.93
residual value 27,404