Hellcat, $500 a month, nothing down!

Just thought I would share, the local dealer just called me. Don’t have any more details.

Think this is for both the Challenger and Charger. $2999 down 36 month 12K miles

$429 Scat Pack
$529 SRT 392
$629 Hellcat

$399 Scat Pack
$499 SRT 392
$599 Hellcat


Oh wow. Please let me know if you get anymore details. Very solid for the type of market its in. I would love to beat the shit out of a hellcat for $599 lol


I’m thinking as long as I put winter tires on the Hellcat, what could go wrong?

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That has to be some sort of record for HP:$ ratio


I’m assuming these don’t include tax because it seems to be a nationwide deal. It is funny because I double checked on the Hellcat forum and someone had said they had the inside scoop and posted these deals. Of course all the existing HC owners were calling him a prankster and giving him sh*t about making things up. I hope they apologize.

I am guessing this has something to do with the Demon which is about to come out.

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most likely so. Still is a good deal nonetheless. I can imagine their frustration lol, market is going to get flooded with beaten to shit ones.

OK, so this is crazy. Basically this deal is built into the numbers with $0 rebates. So the MF is 0.00015 and I believe the residual is 64% for 36/12.

So here are my calculation an a well specced Auto HC. We are nearly sub $500 with LA takes at 8.75%!!!

(That discount is based on what other people are getting on the Hellcat Challenger)

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That’s nuts! If I could afford to buy a summer and a winter car, this would be very high on my list of things to buy. Nice find.

Just called dealer. Ed is right. The original deal given does not include any kind of discounts for the vehicle. If you can knock 8k off the MSRP you could be driving a hellcat for $500 a month w/ 0 down. The dealer mentioned the program ends on 1/31/17. Not sure if they will extend it into next month but unreal deal currently.

I’m really really tempted. I mean it is a stupid car which does not drive very well around corners, add to that a brand new Challenger is coming out later this year which will likely be smaller and a much better drive.

Having said that 707bhp for $500 a month!!!

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Same here. The car and dynamics are not all that impressive but with 707 hp it is already a bargain at its MSRP, throw in a lease deal like this & its a ridiculous value! Wasn’t even on my list but it will be extremely difficult to pass one up. I’m emailing around to see who can offer me the best deal currently, so we’ll see. Great find!

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@sub28 Where in the US are you?

I’m in PA. Just been emailing dealers within a 200 mile radius. I’ll keep you updated on the offer I get!

Thanks, I am in CA. My local dealer only has 16’s and I much prefer the 17 rims and also the new Uconnect system with android auto.

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Great find, @Ed_Churchward!

Autonation in Denver has a half dozen of the Challenger Hellcats and a bunch of SRTs all 2016.

Hey did a dealership confirm this price? I called up a local dealer and wasn’t able to get numbers close to these, how ever the dealer was a little sketchy over the phone.

Just go to the Dodge website and build your car. It shows the pre discount lease price there. Comes up pretty cheap even there.

I guess the jaguar F type is going to be iced for me. Hellcat THIS WEEK!


yea true, just went on the website and with Zero down payment came out to be $720. I guess it comes down to the dealer dropping the msrp