Another Jeep GC 4XE $412 - $1179 DAS


what i’ve been doing today is asking for lease breakdown and then trying to negotiate those numbers to match similar numbers whats on your guys lease calcs, without sending them the lease calcs

Personally I focus on the sales price. After that it’s just math. Then in can tell them the sales price it will take to get me to sign immediately. Everyone has their own strategy but the odds of a dealer just throwing you a 400/month quote are slim to none.

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I may try that approach then…I feel like I mentioned in the $500’s to him for lease payments and he was like not a chance hahahaha. Odd sales tactic if you ask me.

Salesperson might not even know the math so they immediately dismiss you. With a sales price they are more likely to go to their boss and ask if they can do the deal.


I’m trying to get a deal similar to yours the dealer isn’t replying

Yeah guys maybe I’m making sound easier then it is but I probably had 20 no’s before I got one yes maybe just luck.

i been going back and forth all day with these jamokes

I’m a noob at this but it seems like a lot of the sales and even finance guys don’t really know the numbers. I told them to try running the numbers on a 22 lease and they were surprised how low it was (although still high and they weren’t willing to budge, they’ve got like 5 22’s on the lot lmao)

Are you also looking for a similar deal in CA?

Yeah, not even close so far.

Hi ,

I am
Based out it TX. I am trying to find the deal on Auto-nation but looks like they dont have rebates applied on their site.

I’ve got another guy on the forums also looking. Think we can use our buyer power of 3 to negotiate something?

Possibly but I don’t think any Jeep dealers in Socal are interested in anything less than ~2% off MSRP. Might have to go out of state.

I think in another thread someone pushed a SoCal dealer to 5%

And as for looking at photos to see how old a unit is why not just search on car gurus where they show the # of days on the lot and you can sort by age of listing?

I’ve pushed to ~5% on a '22 but it still needs to be ~9 to 10% minimum to be even a remotely decent deal.

I was able to get just over 7% off a 23 at a SoCal dealer but I see others who say that same dealer won’t play ball.

The caveat is it has to be an aged unit.

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What’s your payment ?

$566+tax on a $68k model (24/10 $0 DAS).

2 days later I think that went down to about $525+tax because there was an extra $1k rebate which made me sad.

Which dealer was this? Can you PM me?

Was this a Trailhawk or Base 4xe?