Another Jeep GC 4XE $412 - $1179 DAS


Base with options… but it was the one of the few aged units they had.

It had Lux Tech II which is the main one I wanted but also had the 20" rims (which makes “happy wife”) and rear entertainment (have zero need for that and the screens cut into passenger space).

Didn’t really need to pay the extra $50+ per month for a feature that we never use (kids are too old now).

PM sent.

Good luck.

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I was about to ask :joy::joy:

Was this with affiliate?

No… that’s their advertised dealer discount because it was an aged unit so you might be able to push for a little more.

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You get a PM and you get a PM and you get a PM.

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But you have to work a bit.

Otherwise just use a SoCal broker here. :slight_smile:


for those of you searching in SoCal, what are your incentives? On edmunds in norcal I see $13500 total incentives, but jeep website says $11,500 in the price calculator. Wondering what dealerships are telling you.

I imagine it is the $2,000 returning leasee credit difference.

What is the criteria do you have to have a current lease or could it be from a CCAP lease that I no longer have in last year?

For my zip in SoCal:

Base: $11,500
Trailhawk: $10,500
Overland and higher: $12,500

And I think this is before the $1k cash.

Mine is the same (also SoCal) but $12,500 for base.

Is that for the 2023?

This is what I see and matches the Supporter Calculator:

For the 2022s I see:

Base: $12,500
Trailhawk: $9,500
Overland and higher: $10,500

That sort of gives you the indication of what models Jeep needs to move.

Does $1,000 even still pop up, can’t even get one in a private browser now?

I can get one for you (or anyone who needs one). Just need name email and zip code.

Anyone having luck? Post your deals…

Yeah nvm, it’s pulling $11,5 for me today. Although the last few days I’ve seen $12,5 for both base and overland models. I was midway through a negotiation with a local dealer here a few days ago (I backed out of the deal) who acknowledged the $5k in lease cash for my zip as well. Interestingly, Edmunds has $6k. Feels like jeep and CCAP are pretty slippery right now

5k including private offer? Or without?

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Without. Not showing today though