Another Jeep GC 4XE $412 - $1179 DAS


A few weeks ago I asked for some help to get one of these left over 2022 Jeep GC 4XE deals because dealers weren’t willing to negotiate or entertain my leasehackr offers but on my second attempt of shotgunning emails out I got a bite, no negotiating necessary. After the money DAS payment is $461 - 24/12 are the terms. Couldn’t quite get the calculator right but it’s close.

I’m located in KY but purchased at Alabama dealer.


The money factor is that low on a 24? :flushed:

Not through ccap.

10% discount is a solid deal. Im jealous.

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No way this is ally or us bank tho

Yes, thats the correct mf for a 24 month lease through ccap on a base trim 22 gc 4xe.

I thought this was a wrangler

Nah, those are 22 gc numbers.

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In my defense the title says “Jeep 4xe”. My brain is conditioned to go straight to Wranglers when I see 4xe.


Yeah it’s a 22 GC through Chrysler Cap, title updated to avoid confusion.

First mod on!


Who’s the dealer/broker?

Are those new wheels?
Tint front windows and vinyl wrap the trim

Haha I have an appointment on Friday for the trim and I have to wait until I get my state inspection then I can tint after

22inch hellcat reps

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Im curious as to how much the trim costs to wrap.

The 7 little trim pieces on the grill cost all of $13 to get in black and pop right off. Probably worth swapping those instead of paying for them to be wrapped.

Bought the rings $20 shipped which is a steal and someone I found on FB marketplace is doing it for $300 I don’t know if it’s a good deal but after watching YouTube videos I knew I didn’t wanna deal with it.

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Congrats on the deal! Good payment.

Lets see the black out JGC 4xe when it’s done!

Do you have a breakdown of the incentives? Assuming you had loyalty? Even with the same 10% discount this deal is like $100/mo more in CA due to less incentives and taxes on the incentives I’m assuming is showing a nice bump if you go to 24 month 10k miles. Does anyone know what the residual difference is between 24/12 and 24/10?

Might be different for your zip code/region, only thing I didn’t qualify for was the lease return cash.