Alfa Romeo Giulia Lease Deal - good, bad, decent?

Hello all, wondering if the attached deal is OK or if waiting out makes sense. From what I can tell, this deal is “above average” for the area, probably could hold out for a little better. The calculator gave it s 7.1 score. If the link does not work, basic info is:

MSRP: 50,600 (Sport AWD)
Sale price (FCA and dealer discounts) 42,500
MF: .00083 (2%APR)
RV: 48%
2k down
$535/month (approx)

NY/NJ area.


Whos the bank theyre financing through? Ally or Chrysler Cap?

Have you looked into 24 month lease? I think thats the sweet spot for Alfa’s.

Also, the discount could be better cause 1K of that is a factory cash deal. Youre at a 14% off MSRP and I would shoot for more especially since these tend to sit.

See this for reference.

24 mo is not the sweet spot with these. It will be slightly more $ BUT you’ll be skipping 2nd service expense which is $700+ (depending on servicing dealer) and you wont be close to replacing tires.

I am not sure who the financing is through actually. the 24/10 deal offered seemed real bizarre; same money up front and the same monthly payment, with a APR of .02%.

I offered for 500 and the second service included and 2k down, which they declined.

Well have you contacted other dealers?

And yeah the sweet spot with Alfas is 2 years, which is nice cause you skip the 30k service. The first service with Alfas are free.

I would try contacting the dealers around you, i mean CarGurus show a good bit available. I mean Westbury Alfa is even showing a Zero down 359 deal.

Calculate by effective.

2,000+(535x35) = 20,725/36 = 575.70 + MF on differential
2,000+(535x23) = 14,305/24 = 596.05 + MF on differential

36mo as slightly more. The more money you put down up front the smaller your payment will be at 24mo lease for obvious reasons.

I’ve been thru this in Feb. NJ isnt a great market to get an Alfa. Best in my experience was Fullerton. Ray Catena was the worst dealer to deal with in NJ. (in my experience)

I personally went out of state. Good luck.

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I replaced tires at 15k lol the pirelli’s blow

The way these cars handle doesn’t help. I always tempted to throw it around some twisties.

@MoonrakerElite contact @Justin_Sutton and see what he can do for you.

yep that is a contributor, I do like to drive:)

I also got my car from Justin, great guy to work with

I am pretty happy overall about this deal for my area which is notoriously difficult with Alfa deals, although I think with shopping around and spending the time to haggle I may have done a bit better. I’d classify this as a “decent to good” deal, certainly not as great as some I’ve seen from different regions but not nearly as bad as many on here either. Will be finalizing at week’s end.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sport AWD
MSRP: $50,600
Monthly Payment: $525 (2k down)
Drive-Off Amount: $42500
Annual Mileage:10k
MF:.00083 (2%APR)
Incentives: (assumed in drive-off amount, but was the standard 2k plus FCA friends/family)
Leasehackr Score: 7.1-ish
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Once I pick it up i’ll be glad to have ended the process…!

Thanks for everyone’s help with my other posts.

I’m sincerely hoping this is a typo :joy:

I guess so? $42500 is the final sale price after discounts/incentives. 2k due at signing.

Drive Off Amount actually refers to the amount you paid at signing. This typically encompasses first month payment, DMV/taxes/fees, any down payment, etc…

u r in tristate area what r u talking about…