Advice: 4-Door Fun Cars to Drive under $375/monthly

I’m looking to lease a “sporty” sedan that’s fun drive. I recently test drove a 2019 Camry SE and found it surprisingly fun to drive and it was in my price range. The only thing I disliked is that it does not come with Android Auto.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend other 4 door cars that are fun to drive that can be had for under $375/month $0 down 36/12. Hopefully some that come with Android Auto. Thanks.

Accord 2.0 since your budget is higher. I wish that’s my budget.

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Since BMW hasn’t been mentioned, the current trend on LH is picking up a blowout priced 4 series loaner.


Yeah my immediate thought was a BMW 4 series GC too, which seem to be leasing pretty well at the moment but then again, no Android Auto. C’mon BMW!

Maybe a Mazda 6? Not sure how well they lease though.

Get an iPhone and go make your neighbors jealous!


HELLO!!! Absolutelty a BMW 4 SERIES BABY!!!
Do it!!!

Really, no android auto for the 4 series?

Not without loyalty

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Yeah I guess that’s true unless you can get a dealer to drop their pants and paint a bullseye for you while they’re at it.


Hahaha @Electric

Check Edmunds forums for the latest RV MF and lease cash on Elantra Sport.

S60 T6 demo?
No clue if it has android.

Yea it does

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Civic Si sedan

Audi A4. To me, it is more fun to drive than the BMW 3 or 4 series.

If you see an A4 in the OP’s budget, a lot of people would be interested


I don’t think those 4-series deals come without BMW loyalty

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Close to $375 would be an Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Can’t think of another car that even comes close.

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take mine:

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Surprised no one has mentioned Infiniti Q50 3.0. For a few months they were the most common response for anyone who wanted a sedan. Definitely more fun to drive than Camry. Based on recent posts they are also within your budget.