2018 Mercedes C300 4MATIC with Premium 1 package, $380 per month, 28 months / 910 miles per month, Stamford, CT

Trying to list it here again and see if someone is interested:

Looking to transfer lease of our 2018 Mercedes C300 4MATIC.
I am located in Stamford, CT. The car is in excellent condition.

Please see details below and let me know if you need any other details:

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC (black on black)
MSRP: $45,925
Monthly Payment: $380 not including tax
Drive-Off Amount: $545 for Mercedes lease transfer fee
Months Left: 28
Current Mileage: 12500
Original Contract Total Miles: 30,000
Miles Allowed at Turn In 38,063 (It was a demo car with 8063 miles at inception)
miles per month for rest of the term: ~ 910 (~25563 miles for 28 months)
Term Length 36 Months
Contract Start Date: 11/07/2018
Contract End Date: 11/07/2021
Residual Value $25,164

First prepaid maintenance (Service A) done.

I have attached the sticker too. The car comes with standard Collision assist, attention assist, LED DRL, PRE-SAFE, Brake assist. It has below options:

Premium 1(P01 package) - Keyless-Go, Blind spot assist
heated front seats
rearview camera
power tilt/sliding Sunroof
Dark brown linden Wood trim interior

listed on SAL too:

Good luck with the Lease Transfer. How come you are getting rid of it. I live in Stamford too. Your car looks nice, but I drive 20K miles per year. I see SUNNY DAZE in one of your pictures.

Thank you!! We are looking to lease SUV instead.
Yep, that’s sunny daes right next to the beach. Nice meeting u fellow stamfordian!


Hi, I’m looking to take over a lease when mine ends soon, but this is a little higher monthly payment/lower mileage than I’m looking for. Are you offering any incentive? Thanks!

I am sorry but I am not offering any incentives.

Ok thanks!

Still available for lease transfer.