🛸 NYCLIFE JUNE VOLVO: S60 (crazy deal), XC60, XC90. [NY/NJ/PA/CT]

All deals are + tax + fees + msds, you can change mileage using the calculator!

$500 loyalty can be applied to everything but the S60!

Link to Spreadsheet:



what’s the color combo on t6 momentum demo you have? reduce residual by 1% for 12k miles?

Yes you can use the slide on the calculator, works well now.

Please message me for the color combo

Want to get a XC60 in Seattle area. Have a S90 right now. A-Plan eligible.

Another request from Seattle for XC90.

Looking for XC90 T6, NY, Costco, 0 MSD. PM please! Thank you!

Hi, what would the lease deals look like for the xc60 t5 rdesign?


Added one to the calc.

Added a GREAT deal on the XC90 T6 Rdesign.

Starting at $459 with costco


@nyclife, I like the way you have posted the deals on google drive , it makes life easy for everyone, Great job , Good Luck, keep it up


Thank you, just trying to make it easier for everyone!


Interested in XC90 T6 Rdesign
I Have Costco
Please PM me. Looking for Blue if you have. Thanks. Zip 07092

@nyclife, Thanks for sharing the deals. I’m in NJ, interested on XC60-T6. Please PM me.

Thank you,

Hey man, is the “killer deal” S60 T6 Mom still available? please PM me

Can you send one ot SoCal?

Please take a look at the calculator if this can be done please reply i want this deal.


You didn’t even say which car


All of them

Xc90 inscription t6
Sorry about that

Interested in XC60 T6 R-Design, have Costco. Just posting here as a reminder to check back if any hit the deal sheet.