Add MSD option for VW to Leasehackr Calculator

Pretty self-explanatory. VW has an MSD option, just like Audi does. Right now, the workaround is to just put the proper numbers into the calculator and select Audi instead of VW, but some folks won’t see it in the drop down and infer that VW doesn’t do MSDs.

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Didn’t know VW did MSDs…

How much does it lower MF with each MSD?

Also, do you know if VW leases loaners? Always wondered…

VW does lease loaners.

Mostly loaded Jettas from my limited experience.

I know MSDs on the Atlas dropped the MF .00008 (which is great) but not sure if that’s standard across all models.

That is interesting, I was dealing with a VW dealer in NJ, she said VW doesn’t do MSD.

Not sure if it varies by state, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some industry folks aren’t aware of them. There have been a few VW threads where MSDs were used. Here are a few:

Wondering if someone from a VW dealership or a Broker who does VW deals can answer a few questions about VW MSD’s. @rubbergash @Benedetto @GeorgeCSL @AutoLeaseNinjas @elegantautoleasing

  1. Is the MF reduction per MSD different per car? In some of the Atlas deals, it looks like the reduction is .00008 or is it .00005 like it is for Audi?

  2. Are MSDs available on all VW’s?

  3. Any other MSD limitations?