Acura RDX Advance 2019 roughly $602/mo before trade in


My wife and i are currently looking to getting a bigger car and trading in my 2016 subaru wrx which i still owe on (about 23000) dealer is offering me 19000 which is good compared to other offers around 17500.

MSRP - 48395
$1000 conquest rebate
Sales price - 45545 (so far still trying to negotiate)
MF - .00109
Down payment - $600
Monthly based on calculator is $602/mo BEFORE my trade in.
was quoted $716/mo including my trade in and -$4000 on my loan

Cap cost 46429
CC reduction -3000
Adjusted Cap cost - 49429

Plan to buyout car after or turn in to get a newer model of RDX.

So after a good amount of back and forth with 1 dealer now, its nearing to this

2019 RDX Tech AWD

"MSRP: $43,495

Sales Price/Capitalized Cost: $40,990

Conquest Cash: $1,000

Accessories: Lo Jack, Roof rails (black), Rear panel protector, Wheel Locks, Splash Guards, Cargo Tray. That retail total would be $2163. Our cost would be $1482

Money Factor (on approved credit): 0.00109

Residual (at 10K miles): $25,662.05

Matching the trade in and pay off figures you quoted, and using a Fairfield zip code

With $700 down, your payment is $644.98 plus tax for a total of $699.00"

They are offering me 19000 for my trade in and i owe 23000 as a reminder.
i am trying to lower the down payment to low as i can, they wont budge on the price of the car. i was trying to see if they would provide any additional incentives for accessories just to give some more room anywhere.


that discount is a joke…


One of the worst RDX deals I’ve seen so far. Search the forums, I’ve seen plenty go for under 500 a month.

Also, sell your WRX private party. They hold their value very well. You’re losing a lot of money by trading.


Run away from this dealership as fast as you can. This should be a sub 400 deal.

Thanks for the info, this was the first dealer that i actually sat down with and i wanted them to give numbers. so this was a base for me to start reaching out to other dealers. i have seen the rdx that on the forum but none of them have advance, not to sure how to judge it from there.

How much more is advance from non advance? If it’s only 2k dollars more then it should only be a 60 dollar a month difference.

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RV’s are likely worse on the higher trims

There are also minimal incentives on this car. It is the new model from Acura and fairly popular from what I’ve seen. You could look into an MDX, those have some good incentives on them right now.


its about a 5k difference between the TECH and ADVANCE, wife and i are taking a much closer and realistic look to see if its worth it or not. as she is used to move items in advance in her current car.

yeah we were looking at both, the dual screen of the MDX is just terrible and has always been the Achilles heel of the car. 3rd row will never be used since it just the two of us 2 with 2 medium size dogs. rdx just seem like the perfect size

Please don’t make foolish posts like this. Show us a 2019 RDX Advance with a $10,000 plus discount, or any new 2019 $48k vehicle for $400.


Agreed. IMO the RDX is worth the extra money, but like others have said there is very little discount, paltry incentives and RV is very conservative. Not much you can really do besides push for invoice pricing and ensure dealer isn’t tacking on any accessories or F&I crap. These things are super hot right now.

Edit: also keep in mind that you are financing your trade difference at the MF rate. Getting the most possible for your trade considering sales tax savings is critical to this deal.

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While I don’t disagree with your car sizing logic. You could end up paying more to get the smaller car that’s all. I would still shop around at other dealers to see if you can do at least a bit better.

I also do understand the dual screen infotainment issues people have with the older RDX and current MDX. I’m driving a 2016 RDX right now and I guess I’m just used to it. This is why I’m ok at taking a look at a new MDX.

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i should take another look at it and see how the android auto and the dual screen work out. i do see a good amount of good deals for MDX

yeah, this was the best trade in offer that i received so far and compared to private selling in my area, it hasn’t been the best of luck. surplus of WRX. and i have a much higher amount of mileage compared to my market

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I think they did a lot of software work on the 2018 to make them more palatable and faster, so it’s worth a look. But I spent 10k miles in a 2015 TLX loaner with the old slow clunky dual screen and I hated it so much that I have PTSD just looking at pictures of them :rofl:

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okay smarty pants. Here is one for you since you said any car. In either case 2019 RDX for $716/month is not a good deal.

I would like to also reference this would be for Northern California, i have not seen any dealers or much deals for acura in my region. alot of BMW’s tho

For perspective, your lease payment is almost as much as what you’d pay monthly to finance it - that’s a HUGE red flag IMHO

I agree the RDX is a beautiful under valued car and I’d take RDX tech > X3 but it’s 100% not worth anytbing close to what they are asking and I don’t see the dealer giving you a sub 500 deal considering where they started…

I think you should look into RR Velar demo if you are comfortable spending $600/month

Also if you like the Subaru you have, the new Subaru Ascent is a really nice vehicle and can be had for good, possibly under 1% deal

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$716 includes $4k of neg. We are all aware that Infiniti’s lease much better but that has nothing to do with an RDX.

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