2019 Infiniti QX60 Essential AWD. MSRP $52080 39/10K $313/mth with VPP & Conquest. 39/10K. Bank fee, 1st mth,Tax and DMV DAS. No Dealer Doc or Broker Fees. $1050 MSD. - NJ/CT

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Infiniti QX60 Essential AWD
MSRP: $ 52330
Monthly Payment: $ 394
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1st Month, Tax, DMV, Bank Fees.
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10,000 miles
MF: 0.00016
Residual: 56%
Available Incentives: VPP - $1500 required. Loyalty can be added to above.
Region: NJ/CT/NY. The incentives for NY metro apply so if you are far from it in these states your cap cost can go up.
Leasehackr Score: 10.8 Years
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

The incentives for Metro NY are applied to this deal. If you are not from NY metro area, your local incentives will apply which might change the selling price a bit depending on your incentives.

If you are from out of state and interested in this deal, you will need to be here in person to sign the paperwork and your local incentives will apply.

No Dealer Document fees and No broker Fees

If you don’t qualify for VPP, you can remove it from the above calculator link. The VPP is $1500 untaxed incentive.

If you have existing Infiniti in household you might be eligible for loyalty but that is not guaranteed. Infiniti gives loyalty on case by case basis and only the dealer can check that in their internal systems using your Name and VIN #. If you qualify for loyalty that amount will reduce the price further.

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Hi, would you be able to PM me the dealer and sales person for this deal? I’m interested in adding an additional vehicle on top of the recent lease i just picked up.

Hi. can you pm me details. Interested in this lease. tx

Can you please PM me details? Thanks!

Can you please PM me details, thanks!

All dealer contact details PM’s replied.

Hello, I will probably wait until early next week for PURE to come in but in case it doesn’t, will consider LUXE. Can you please PM me the dealer info as well? Thanks for the info.

What makes you think the PURE’s will be in next week?

Just a guess based on OP comment earlier in November. My guese only and not based on a fact so you can ignore.
They have bunch of them on order but most likely it will arrive in early December


You are correct about the statement I had made about Pure inventory being delivered around 2nd week of December which was correct at time I wrote about it. However since then I have been told not much Pure inventory is in pipeline and that applies to most dealers in our market.

Infiniti only gives so many pure models to each dealership as they are aligned with number of the fully loaded ones the dealership orders, so the dealers can order limited quantities of the Pure models only as they have to move the 60K plus MSRP units as well which are not that easy to move.

As of now I am not sure when the Pure will arrive and that was the reason I closed the QX60 pure thread from last month.

Can you please PM me dealer details.

Could you please PM me the dealer details? Thanks in advance and thanks for sharing this!

All dealer contact requests replied over PM.

Just a thought. Since the dealerships in the the NY area seem to be out of the PURE models, would one be able to purchase one in a different state and still qualify for the regional incentive if you live in NY region?

Can you please PM me dealer details. Thx.

Can you please PM me dealer details. Thx.

Please send me dealer information when you get a chance. Thanks!


You will get the incentives of where the car will be registered.

So yes if you can get a Pure from out of state dealer and the dealer will get all incentives from our area.

However most out of state dealers will scoff at a request of 15-16% off MSRP before VPP and conquest. The sales people have no clue about incentives so explain them that we have more incentives for our area and based on that you are asking for such discount.

There is a reason people as far as OH and Chicago come to our area and get the cars so doing it other way round is not going to be easy.

Hi. Please PM me the details too. Thanks!

Hello, can you PM dealer info.