Acura RDX Advance 2019 roughly $602/mo before trade in

The deal you posted is not for an RDX, that was listed well over a month ago, has lots of qualifications that not everyone qualifies for, including MSDs, and most Infiniti dealers will laugh at you asking for that deal.

There is a reason there are deals on Infiniti’s. Nobody wants them without huge discounts. It’s been that way for years. The RDX is selling without huge discounts, because it’s a much better vehicle. I drive the car I want to drive, not the deal. The OP is interested in an Acura.


Get a MDX then. Some leased them for mid $400s with similar MSRP.

Did you try using the touchpad in the RDX? I only played around a little bit w/ it at an auto show, and I don’t understand how it would be possible to use that AND drive the car in any way. That touchpad is, IMHO, a total deal breaker (if the $600/mo weren’t already… And it would be, for me). But, of course, YMMV.

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the touch pad was actually very hand in my opinion, it was really interesting when i was doing navigation. it i could speak or use my fingers as a pencil to write each letter. was cool but gotta be good at multitasking. ive been talking with a lot of other dealerships and most are really nudging on the vehicle price . was just able to get cheaper accessories and security, slightly lower down payment. i will post the numbers when i get a deal that might be worth it.

While true you have to get a base model and that one isn’t as nice. The tech package gets you better seats/interior, upgraded audio, blind spot monitoring, parking sensors, rear cross traffic alert and a few other goodies. The OP has to be ok without those features.

As a side note I just finished my new lease paperwork in Bay Area last night for a 2019 MDX FWD Tech and can tell you I was able to get to 1500 das (first month/taxes and reg covered) and $500 (taxes included) a month for $50695 msrp 36/12. I know these don’t lease particularly well normally but incentives are pretty good right now which helped. I probably could’ve done a bit better but not by much considering every other dealer was asking $599+ for the same car and one wanted $3k das. They also took my existing lease return early by 1 month and waived the remaining payment and return fee which amounts to $798. That doesn’t include any potential overage mileage since I would’ve definitely been over by the time I returned the vehicle.

Before anyone suggests a qx60 thanks but no thanks. I would’ve had to get close to 60k with that car to get the same feature set. I also don’t particularly like the qx60.

Maybe it’s just me but I feel like dealers in the Bay Area are particularly bad with initial offers. It’s probably just dealers in general…

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I feel like a WRX has a good enough resale value, you should try to privately sell if you have the time. Eliminate the negative equity.

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i actually have been in my area for a 2 weeks now and nothing is bitting even at $21000, i see similar to mine with good modifications go for $20000 and less miles. and especially now with the CA exhaust law in effect even more are in the market.

So after a good amount of back and forth with 1 dealer now, its nearing to this

2019 RDX Tech AWD

"MSRP: $43,495

Sales Price/Capitalized Cost: $40,990

Conquest Cash: $1,000

Accessories: Lo Jack, Roof rails (black), Rear panel protector, Wheel Locks, Splash Guards, Cargo Tray. That retail total would be $2163. Our cost would be $1482

Money Factor (on approved credit): 0.00109

Residual (at 10K miles): $25,662.05

Matching the trade in and pay off figures you quoted, and using a Fairfield zip code

With $700 down, your payment is $644.98 plus tax for a total of $699.00"

They are offering me 19000 for my trade in and i owe 23000 as a reminder.
i am trying to lower the down payment to low as i can, they wont budge on the price of the car. i was trying to see if they would provide any additional incentives for accessories just to give some more room anywhere.



For that kind of money ($645), you can get AWD with Advance Package. Worth it? not sure.

this number is also factoring in a negative $4000 equity. i believe if i have put everything in the calculator correct, its $540/mo. hard for me to take apart everything as all the numbers are not fully disclosed yet as everything has been done via email.

I think the dealer is trying to finesse you again,

Your orginal post was for $716 with tax including -$4000 equity but it was for an Advance model with a $48,395 MSRP, then the email you posted has a car with $43,495 MSRP for same down and $699 per month

So, for $16 a month more, I would say the RDX w/ Advance is more worth it

As many here have pointed out, there are many other cars you can consider if you are comfortable with a payment of ~$600 including BMW X3, X5, Infinity, etc but it seems like you really like this car so you should just go for it!

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yeah i actually went back to the at them to see on the advance,

now its $699/mo and asking 1750 down.
one thing to note that the dealer im working with now is providing
“Accessories: Lo Jack, Roof rails (black) , Rear panel protector, Wheel Locks, Splash Guards, Cargo Tray. That retail total would be $2163. Our cost would be $1482”

the rep is going to be off for a few days and we plan on meeting in person on Saturday. i am trying to think of a game plan to get the down lowered to 600-700 ish to keep my drive off under 2000 total. and of course keep trying to lower monthly.

i actually tried reaching out to the broker but no reply, im assuming cause im in Nor CA, opposed to most are in east coast or So Cal.

selling the car for 19000 ( assuming everything goes thru as planned or hopefully they give more, doubtful but same time hopeful.) i was actually able to sell my aftermarket modifications for 2k roughly and that i plan to use towards the new car

And thank you everyone for the input as i really appreciate it! i am trying to read as much as i can and utilize everything. this will be my 2nd lease after i had a bad lease deal before(2015 kia optima SXL, $500/mo. 1500 down, but we still love the car actually and its holding up very well)

Honestly all these accessories are garbage add-ons
Do you really-really need them? Otherwise they are just markup profit line for the dealer.
That’s almost $40 per months of fluff added.
And why you even need a Lo-Jack on a leased car???

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Ok looks like you haven’t made the best decisions when it come to cars. You got a car worth less than what you owe and a $500/mo Kia lease. Now you want the latest and greatest hot car at the moment and willing to pay out of your ass for it. If I were you, I would sell my car privately instead of trade in then buy a reasonable used car you can afford or lease a car with more values around $400/mo.

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I’m interested in the same car, but not interested in the same price.

IMHO, you’d be better off driving what you have through the rest of the winter, after which in the spring I can’t imagine that RDX pricing won’t become at least a little more realistic – since everybody else’s 2020’s models will start to leak out and capture the SUV buzz. Great vehicle – but terrible price.

And another thing: anybody who’s really looked at or driven that car isn’t going to suggest you pick up an MDX instead. They’re not the least bit comparable, and that’s why you can find an MDX lease around the $400 to $500 price point. I know it’s not easy – but sometimes patience is a virtue…


i am trying to see if i can wait till June or so, i am assuming that’s when the 2020 models will be out and hopefully clearing inventory for those. definitely would be worth it to wait, but i am also getting close to the RDX awd advance for 700 DAS and $520/mo (before my trade in negative equity)

Damn! That’s insane! I’m leasing a $75k A7 for $600 per month