Acura NSX - 2019 Lease Deals out there?


While the heyday deals of 2017 are long gone (since about March of 2018), we do have a “new and improved” flashier NSX for 2019.

Are there deals still out there to be had?

My first dealer offered me a Total Out of Pocket (TOP) of $99K, lol.
$1800 a month payments for 36months and $35K down for my Vette.

I think the TOP for this car should be in the $60K range. I know people on this forum got in the $50K’s earlier this year on leftover 2017’s, but that was a different time. They are now way down in production, less in MSRP, and pretty much a “made to order” car.

That being said, can anyone help out there?

What am I looking for? Any exterior color, but I love the blue interior and as much carbon fiber as possible inside and out.

I wish to use my 2014 Vette Stingray with $13K miles as a trade in down payment to get some cap cost reduction and pay out all fees, first payment etc.

Thoughts out there?


Why do you make the same post in two different places? Delete this post:


Was the car 200k in msrp? You saying 99k total for the cost of lease for 36 months? What was residual, mf, selling price. Maybe for 200k car and limited production might be right? 50% residual maybe and not much discount, plus high mf yes sounds like dealer calculations are right.


Completed a Lease.

2019 Acura NSX, 5miles on it
White Pearl/Indigo Interior
Carbon Fiber Interior and Spoiler with upgraded Rims and Calipers.

MSRP $169,500
Discount: $28,800
Down Payment: $36,000 for 2014 Vette
$800/mo payment for 35 months (inclusive of 7% tax)
10K miles a year.

Total out of Pocket: $64,000 (Vette plus $28K in payments)


Well, that’s really expensive. Drive the absolute hell out of it :grin:


$36k down payment? :flushed::man_facepalming:


Wow this is just…wow. :-1:


Total out of pocket: $64,000 over 3 years on a $170K car.

Excellent price for my trade btw. It had major issues and I divulged it.

High downpayment don’t matter to me, it is all about the Total Out of Pocket

And I will drive it well along with my other cars up to the max mileage of 30K and handed it in.

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I agree about total out of pocket, but…crash it into a bridge tomorrow and you’re out $36k.

Keep it off the track!!! (which may somewhat defeat the purpose)

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Good luck with that…

This car is nothing but problems. Best part is you go to fix stuff and it takes weeks to months as they don’t have parts or even the tools to work on the car at the dealership. Hopefully you get lucky…

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I nominate this.


I agree that 2017 had issues with service and warranty.

2018 they improved the service issues

2019 is a lot of improvements.


I have other track cars, the purpose for me was to enjoy the car on highways, country roads, etc etc.

Vette was a liability with a rear diff issue. I disclosed it, and they still took it with excellent trade in.

The Total Out Pocket is fantastic for a super car MSRP of $170K.

If you want to “nominate” this lease and call me a fool, so be it.

I am here to post, learn, not to get mocked.

I think this is an excellent deal, yes the downpayment of $36K puts you in liability should it get totaled in first year, but I have 25 vehicles, GEICO will fully cover any GAP liability as well as over equity.

Again, Total Out of Pocket all fees, taxes, and license in of $28K cash and a broken down 2014 Vette, and you guys think it is a laughable deal? OK

I am going to cash out $15K at year 2 easily and enjoy the car thoroughly.

PS - if there is anything to teach me, I am here open, humble ears. But you want to mock, go troll someone else

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Welcome to the forum, Mr. Leno.


Leno has 100’s of cars, not 25.

And other forums, instead of hating, say “That’s cool, man, what are you into? what do you have in the garage?” What is with all the sarcasm and hate on this site?

Yes, I work really hard, busted my ass my whole life, and able to afford a car collection of electric, classic, and exotic cars.

Man, tough crowd. wtf

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ignore the haters, as long as you are happy with the deal then enjoy the car! geico has your back so perspective of looking at total payment makes sense. whats the fastest one you own?


MikeSet, I think the lease is solid deal. But I really do want to learn from anybody willing to give constructive advice. The idea of trading in, but not putting as much down, is well taken. I saved a few thousand that way, but I understand that philosophy of keeping your money in your pocket.

The fastest I have is a close tie between the McLaren 570s and the Lambo LP580-2 Spyder.

Think the quickest acceleration is the Tesla X P100D

The smoothest trans is this Acura NSX

The coolest is my Delorean Time Machine that is complete replica from the movies complete with working time circuits and flux capacitor that goes off at 88mph. lol. Available for events for $1500/day.

The oldest is 1952 Mercury.

If ever in South Florida, happy to host you, hang out, talk cars.

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You seem awful insecure…I didn’t mock you in any way. Nor do I care how many vehicles you have or how big your ‘garage’ is :roll_eyes:

The point we are making with down payment is that neither GAP (which is through AFS, not your insurance carrier) nor GEICO will cover your down payment if vehicle is totaled - it will be gone.

You already said yourself that you believe that the lease is good. Your first post on this forum was a signed lease deal. What exactly did you come here to learn?

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Maybe some sort of validation?

No point in criticizing the deal now. Just enjoy the car.


I’m just curious, why would someone who owns 25 cars, including a McLaren and Huracan with combined values of $500k+ lease an Acura?

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