Acura MDX deal offered :: Dallas 2018 base

Thanks, some dealers deal nationally. Acura usually offers national incentives and not regionally. just let me know the negotiated price, money factor, and the residual.

Hi! I see you had a great deal on the MDX. Can you share me the dealer info? I live in Dallas.

Pm me and I will provide you the detail

I want to see details also.

Hello, I am in North Texas and interested in the deal you got on the MDX, can you share the details and dealer name? Just sent a PM to you - Thanks!

Folks sending me pm and saying they are unable to get a similar deal:

Please note this was a May 11 initiated thread.

Residuals and Mf has changed.

Also note this was for 2018 which in Dallas, only a few are left. I hope it helps. If you pm me for the dealer info, they might not be able to get you the same exact deal as 2018 are out of stock for them and you can take this deal and ask other dealerships to see if they would be competitive enough.