2018 Acura MDX AWD Base Model - How does this look? I'm a noob so please help!

New to the forum and was initially wanting a QX60, but happened across the MDX. Would love some insight on how well I’ve done to this point and if there is more room at all… I couldn’t find a recent MDX post.

2018 Acura MDX SH-AWD SUV

MRSP: $47,195
Sale Price: $40k even
Adjusted Cap Cost: $41,697
Cap Cost Reduction: $869
Money factor: .00035%
Residual: 57% - $26,900
Money Down: $1000 out the door inclusive of first month, tax, etc… Was $1500, asked to get rid of it which they couldn’t agree to, then said I’ll only pay fees as I didn’t want to pay cap reduction, met me kind of middle at 1k.
Monthly Fee: $435/mo. out the door


I’m in Illinois - 7% sales tax.

It is the base model, but it’s fairly loaded for a base. No nav, but has apple play, lane assist, camera, etc… I’m open to a nicer model, but it seems they have a handful of these base models and are probably yearning to get these off their hands. I don’t know if Illinois accepts MSDs? Should I try and see? What will that do to my overall numbers?

For what it’s worth - tried to compare this to a p,p + qx60 and they couldn’t come close. I recognize they are different trims, but $52k msrp with $48k selling price with 1k down was $570/mo. YIKES. Not enough lease cash or deals going around right now on this.

Thanks all in advance!


Well I got fwd 429 1200 down which included first month it is on this forum.

12k 36 months

Here , Dallas TX has tax 6.25 and I got tax credits

Thanks @muzammilkazmi86. Looks like maybe I’ve got a pretty good deal on my hands if I want it. I appreciate the response!

Now to see if I can find a 2018 qx60 for a good deal around these parts!

I just did a similar deal in AZ earlier this month. This can be a rough market for Honda products, I think… I said I wouldn’t fully disclose the deal but it was around $8300 off MSRP on a tech, all said and done, and I had some dealer add-ons that they ate. I’m pretty happy. My monthly is only about $40 more than your quote, all else being similar.

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Qx60: On a base fwd 39 month 12k 1500 down, I was getting 429

Did not pick it up since mdx was better to lease overall in terms of cost and buy out. So if I sell mdx after two years to exit the lease since Honda doesn’t allow transfers, I will pocket little cash too.

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I would say 47k MSRP with 40k Sales price is a nice deal.

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Which dealer still has tax credit this late in the month? Right now the 18 MDX is a good lease buy before the end of the month. Our Flex incentive ends, which adjusts the payment about $50 less.

Also in 2 years, you may come out a little less than even on the MDX. 2020 the new body style will be introduced, so it won’t help the value of this current generation.

Not bad, but you might also want to check out the Alfa Romeo Stelvio deals @ralphsaphony posted in the Marketplace. Looks to be higher MSRP vehicles for about the same monthly and no money down or due at signing. Illinois allows MSDs but I don’t think Acura offers them.

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Appreciate that, we’re already in talks!

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do you mind sharing your offer sheet? My local dealer said he can do it if he can see the offer copy.

did they give you $1500 flex cash?

I received an offer in Austin, TX, today for zero down $429 for 10/36 and $449 for 12/36.

Sorry, was for a FWD base model.

The dealer is marking up the money factor. It’s .00025.

That is high. Check what Mf and residual he is quoting you. The models are being thrown out because of 2019 so there is a lot more room to get your payment down for 12k 36

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I got a quote from dealer for 2019 Acura
MDX AWD with tech package, 557/month for 36 months with 0 down (just 1st month).

Can you advise if this a good deal or room for negotiation?

MSRP and selling price?

How much of that payment is tax?

MSRP: 52,595 including destination.

Car is discounted roughly 7000

I got her down to $525 per month with only 1st month due at signing.

Seems fine right? Planning to go tomorrow to finalize